1950 weather history

Sheffield experienced winds of at least 65 knots with reported gusts of 80 knots or more. Weather Story Graphic 141g (5 oz) is usually listed with diameters of up to 6cm. September 26, 1953 WINDS were GALE-FORCE over much of the southern half of Britain and reached Force 9 behind the cold front to the south of the centre; GUSTS to over 60 kt were recorded at Coventry, Bedford (66kt at 10GMT), Wattisham and Shoeburyness. All this RAIN had nowhere to soak to (due to the character of the geology), and swelled the rivers East and West Lyn, draining through Lynmouth before reaching the sea. Two of weekends in that month in the south had RAINFALL of 40mm or more in 24hr: by the EWP series, the overall RAINFALL surplus was around 50% on the LTA. Graphical It was the 2nd MILDEST winter in England and Wales since 1869, and notably SNOWLESS . NW Florida Radar Amongst long-term problems that the adverse weather generated was a sharp rise in unemployment in the building (& allied) trades - a highly seasonal occupation, and a rise in insurance premiums. Questions? Upriver at Hampton Court the river could be crossed on foot". Hazards Criteria Mobile/Pensacola8400 Airport Blvd Bldg 11Mobile, AL 36608251-633-6443Comments? Heavy snow fell at Keele, Staffordshire for 12 hours, giving 37cms. The very COLD SPELL that started just before Christmas 1962 persisted throughout January, February and early March. National Weather Service In all, the storm impacted 22 state… In the EWP series, just 725mm of RAIN, one of the DRIEST of the 20th century. This SNOWSTORM has gone down in the history as the storm that trapped the snow-ploughs! October 25, 2019, Metro Mobile Flash Flood At Aber (Gwynedd / N.Wales), a MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE of 18.3degC was recorded on the 27th : the (equal) highest known for the UK (and Wales) for January. September 27-28, 2015, Crenshaw County EF-2 Tornado On the 28th, TEMPERATURES remained sub-zero in many places. Skating began in the south on 25th. 34 people were killed, hundreds became homeless and many houses were demolished with cars carried away. The record setting arctic airmass behind the front sent temperatures to all-time monthly lows across the Upper Midwest and Ohio Valley. A clutch of what is thought to be three tornadoes, one of which did considerable damage, moved from the Wendover to Linslade area in the NW Home Counties. A WARM year (see also above), with the mean CET value=10.5degC (+1.0degC above 1961-90 long-term average.) Beach Forecast Fast Access [NB: persistent stories, both at the time and subsequently, link this event to cloud-seeding trials then being undertaken; it has been conclusively proved that these had nothing to do with the high intensity rainfall event that triggered this disaster.]. In addition, the sun was coloured when it appeared through gaps in the cloud. November 1, 2018, Tropical Storm Gordon Three council snow-clearance lorries were trapped over the West Berkshire downs on the Wantage to Lambourn road. Hurricane Baker August 30, 1950 A 50 vehicle 'pile-up' on the M1 near Luton in Bedfordshire in thick fog was responsible for the deaths of 7 people and over 40 injured. Over a foot (circa 30cm) of SNOW fell in the Welsh border counties and conditions were made worse by STRONG WINDS (generally up to 40 knots in GUSTS) causing DRIFTING (some reports of up to 90 cm). Considerable amounts of HAIL(**) - perhaps up to 2 feet deep! A large area was affected by THUNDERSTORMS on the 26th of June (in a notably thundery second half of the month). (See also 1813/14; 1739/40 and 1683/84). TEMPERATURES fell to 12degF (converts to around minus 11degC) at Eskdalemuir on Christmas Day morning, and to 9 degF (converts to around minus 13degC) at Edinburgh on the morning of the 27th. It was also exceptionally wet across Scotland (wettest November in the 20th century) & Northern Ireland. Exceptionally WET in the Aldergrove (Belfast/NI) area. Also, the deaths of at least 16 people. ); as regards TEMPERATURES, using the Central England Temperature (CET) series, the anomaly averaged over these two months was around +2C above the all-series mean, and July 1955 specifically, with a CET value of 17.7degC, was the WARMEST such month since 1934. June 11, 2005 A great STORM, possibly with TORNADIC activity, affected the Ayrshire coast and the Clyde valley. CET values for these months were: Mar 7.3(+1.6), Apr 9.4(+1.5), May 12.8(+1.6). 1955 also had a torrid summer, as did 1952. Floods Great damage done to the city, particularly to many prefabricated homes. (A ', On the 8th in 1957, 203mm (estimate) of RAIN fell at Camelford in Cornwall, with 140mm of that falling in just 2 hours. January 27-29, 2014 Heat The combination of events led to FLOODS reported from many parts of the country come the autumn. 1995, Hurricane Frederic After it was over, as much as 57 inches of snow blanketed the central Appalachians (with locally up to 62 inches at Coburn Creek, WV) and one of the most widespread and damaging wind events ever recorded over the Northeastern U.S. made the Great Appalachian Storm of … How Much Snow Fell? [EWP &c], Several episodes of HIGH WINDS affected the British Isles towards the end of December 1951. (This year was part of an extended DROUGHT episode across the English lowlands that is reckoned to run from August 1972 to May 1974. Notably COLD. Other forms of transport were seriously dislocated. 2006, Gulf Coast Hard Freeze March 9, 2011, Central Baldwin County Storms The eight week period from second half of August to early October 1959, was regarded as unusually DRY. SKYWARN 2016, Mary Esther, FL Tornado Event 1950s. Report Station. Observed Precipitation Also, one of the 9 WARMEST winters (by CET) in the series which began in 1659. June 7-8, 2020, April 23 Tornado Outbreak (see also 1971 & 2003). The M1 was FLOODED (not an uncommon occurrence actually), many roads in the city centre were blocked and the railway station had water up to platform height rendering it unusable. Kentucky Mesonet A northerly severe gale / violent storm (mean speeds up to 70 knots / 80 mph, with gusts in exposed areas in excess of 100 knots / 115 mph) developed as a depression (which had formed near the Azores) deepened as it moved east-northeast just to the north of Scotland (between Fair Isle and south Shetland 00UTC and 06UTC on the 31st January), then, still deepening, turned & accelerated. Awareness Weeks NWS Outlooks September 12, 1979 HIGHEST RAINFALL (UK) in any one calendar year known: 6527 mm at Sprinkling Tarn, Cumbria (was Cumberland). After weeks of persistent and often heavy rain, a spoil tip behind the village school in Aberfan, south Wales collapsed, burying the school under a torrent of slurry with the deaths of 144 people, 116 of the dead were school-children. This was the coldest winter (by the CET series) of the century, and the second coldest (after 1739/40) in the entire series. November 27, 2004, Hurricane Ivan VERY WET more generally across the British & Irish Isles. Decision Support - Forecast East Kentucky wasn’t spared as record setting cold combined with over a foot of snow for many areas. The precursor to the storm was the passage of an arctic cold front late on the 23rd into the 24th. Using the EWP series, just into the 'top10' of such-named months. At the time, due to the mean wind speed quoted above, it was noted as the '. COLD, northerly winds persisted for several days, with widespread FROST. Exceptionally SUNNY over England & Wales, though presumably not in the areas affected by the smog (above)! This 5-month period is regarded as the DRIEST such period for more than 200 years; just over half-average RAINFALL across much of England and Wales, with some places even less. The atmospheric effects, including dramatically coloured sunsets & haloes around the sun, encircled the earth within a few weeks; there was a decrease in light measured from distant stars, with the decrease at a maximum between August to November 1963, lasting to some extent until mid-1964. In the London area (based on Kew Observatory), it was one of the WETTEST years in a very long record. The final 'major' old style London SMOG occurred in this month (4th to 6th): i.e.

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