american shaolin book summary

After this, he has the confidence to face trouble on his own, protects John Lee, and finds a proper girlfriend. This is a common warm up/conditioning routine found openly in all traditional kung fu classes from Hong Kong to American Chinatowns.Finally, when facing his first skilled opponent he is beaten to a pulp while the crowd chant ‘kill the foreigner’. This was a fun story. he interacts with the people he meets and makes a story out of small encounters. The early part of the trip is a humorous fish-out-of-water story, which did nothing to dispel his image as a bit of a fool. It's cool how he speaks Chinese so well. The author, while an undergrad, made a list of his self-defined flaws and decided to improve himself by studying with the Shaolin monks. I like his honesty. He becomes a badass by force of sheer will and that's always one of those things I want to hear is possible. Better still, he delivers real insight into modern training at the Shaolin temple. When he arrives at Shaolin it is not everything he expected, but he is determined to see it through. He applies thought into approaching his fighting opponents to look for weaknesses, which appears to be a tactic used only by the best fighters he runs up against. While in college, Matthew decided the time had come to pursue this quixotic dream before it was too late. Oh, those crazy laowai. He settles in, and begins his first lessons. Deqing forgives him, and the two become good friends. He arrives in a particular province (I can't remember its name, just that it began with d) and after acquainting himself with locals and picking up a few anecdotes to tell the reader, one of which has to do with locals believing he is some kind of mythical creature and that he is blind because of his blue eyes, travels to the Shaolin Temple to train under the monks. I read it quickly and found it quite delightful; the tale is of a young American who leaves university to travel to China with an interest in, albeit temporarily, living as a monk. It wasn't too gory and only glorified violence a little. I wanted to give it 2.5 stars, but the cultural insensitivity lowered it for me. I love armchair traveling almost as much as real traveling, and it is slightly more practical. There are five compelling reasons why I shouldn't have liked this book. The book starts with the background of the author, who writes himself as a character. Matthew Polly writes with wonderfully self-depreciating humour that makes for a very enjoyable read. Then along came Matthew Polly who wrote American Shaolin , a book …

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