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The hymn speaks . The placing of the Bible in Egypt and linking the story to the history of Egypt, Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten is found to be Moses, and that his god Aton, is the Hebrew god Adon. Ra represented the daytime sun, Amun represented the sun in the underworld and Horus represented the sunrise. [9], Akhenaten represented himself not as a god, but as a son of Aten, shifting the previous methods of pharaohs claiming to be the embodiment of Horus. The Israelite hero Moses, who in the Bible account led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, was based on Ramesses II, and his troublesome brother Aaron was the previous pharaoh, Horemheb, who succeeded Ay, and who tried to expunge all evidence of Aten worship and of his predecessors.

Rays of light ending in hands extended from the disk and reached down

The Aten During the reign of Akhenaten The Aten was installed as the principle god of ancient Egypt, and the worship of many of the traditional gods of ancient Egypt was rejected. Associated with smallpox.

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Editors: Peter J. Allen, Chas Saunders. Aten, or Aton, was an ancient Egyptian god who was worshiped during the reign of the pharaoh Akhenaten (1350s to 1330s B.

To this end, he Despite his dedication, Akhenaten let things go sadly to pot, and after seventeen years of monotheism the populace was heartily sick of it. Please do not copy without permission. He was obsessed with a little-known Sun God named Aten.

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Instead of barque processions, the royal family rode on a chariot on festival days.

Thebes in Ancient Egypt was the bees knees — humming along happily with 500+ deities to choose from. monotheism Aten was depicted as a disk, representing the (2) Plague goddess. The Great Aten The God and Disk of the Sun In connection with the Sun-gods of Egypt and with their various forms which were worshipped in that country must be considered the meager facts which we possess concerning Aten, who appears to have represented both the …

From Amarna, Egypt.

established a new capital city, called Akhetaten, or Horizon of Aten.

Thebes in Ancient Egypt was the bees knees — humming along happily with 500+ deities to choose from.

[1], Limestone fragment column showing reeds and an early Aten cartouche.

This is readily apparent in the Great Hymn to the Aten. (1) Mother goddess. The sun disk that would be putting light off was usually sunk into the wall, and then embossed out, to show some contrast to the rays. The real change is the apparent abandonment of all other gods following the advent of Akhenaten, i.e., the introduction, apparently by Akhenaten, of monotheism.

Reign of Akhenaten. Essentially a chthonic, Mother goddess.

During the New Kingdom, the Aten was considered to be an aspect of the composite deity Ra-Amun-Horus.
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Text written during the New Kingdom 's 18th Dynasty frequently use the term to mean "throne" or "place" of the sun god. Because high relief and low relief illustrations of the Aten show it with a curved surface (see for example the photograph illustrating this article), the late scholar Hugh Nibley insisted that a more correct translation would be globe, orb or sphere, rather than disk.

Please mention when praying to the Gods. Reign of Akhenaten. This contributes to the belief that Atenism should be considered a monotheistic religion where "the living Aten beside whom there is no other; he was the sole god". This aspect of his faith bears a notable resemblance to the religion of Moses, prompting Freud to suggest that Akhenaten was the first Monotheist. Significantly different from other ancient Egyptian temples, temples of Aten were open-roofed to allow the rays of the sun. Thus the scenes of gods carved in stone previously depicted animals and human forms, now showed Aten as an orb above with life-giving rays stretching toward the royal figure.

The next Pharaoh was the much-revered Tutankhamun, who restored all the delightful deities of yore. The three-dimensional spherical shape of the Aten is even more evident when such reliefs are viewed in person, rather than merely in photographs.

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