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If you want to use 4-7-8 breathing to get calmer, more grounded, or reduce your anxiety you can do it sitting straight. Counting the inhales and exhales makes all the difference for me, though I never thought "counting" meditations were my thing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Might sound odd at first, but the way that I’ll think about it is as if I’m flexing and relaxing a particular muscle, without actually doing it. I find that this really forces my mind to quiet because I have to keep focused on the breathing. So yes for me they have been very helpful. One of the therapies he mentioned that helped him was HRV training via Dr. Leah Lagos's book. Will it still work well for insomnia if I do it lying down? Begin the exercise by bringing the breath into your stomach/diaphragm, expanding the stomach on the inhale, deflating the stomach on the exhale. Any suggestions? He will say:Nilki may take a deep breath. And then from there I continue to take controlled slow breaths, hold them very briefly, let out and hold until it become uncomfortable. Quick note! I’ll work my way through my whole body until I’m just air going in and out with the lungs. It activates "rest and digest" mode, so your body relaxes and your guts go into overdrive to digest food. I have started wim hofs breathing and really enjoy it. It helps me to relax my muscles and focus my mind. Especially after hot yoga! I use the same technique while scuba diving, sans the 7s hold. These guys are GOLDEN! I like counting backwards. Sorry, this post was removed by Reddit's spam filters. It's basically what hypnobirthing is. Hi thank you a lot for this summary of this technique. Just the reminder of breathing differently can avoid a panic attack 9 out of ten times. Usually afterward, I can roll over and I am relaxed enough to doze off, or I am pretty close. During labor the thought is to open and allow the "pressure waves" (renaming contractions to something not associated with pain can help) to do the work of bringing the baby down and out and those belly breaths with a relaxed jaw allows the pelvic floor to relax. I just started reading Breath (after JRE had him on) and holy crap the power of the information James lays down really synthesized new understanding in my body about breathing! But controlled breathing and focusing on slow breathing still definitely helps. They can't hold as much air as 'healthy' people's lungs can. I find it easy to inhale slow, but very hard to exhale slow. Thought it was too intense or something, but im gonna keep doing that at least. I’ve been playing around with a bunch of breathing patterns for sleep lately so I’m glad you posted this! I think it may just depend on what you prefer. Other times I’ll imagine the weight of all the air pressing down on my top countered by the bed pressing back up on me. Except I count backwards from 100 and start over whenever I mess up . I am trying to do more breathing exercises for HRV, but for sleep/health in general also. I keep going and eventually return to normal breath again for awhile before I get up. Building up C02 is key. I like wim hof, and "inverse wim hof" where you exhale as much as possible and see how long you can extend your low oxygen state. Dr Weil and James Nestor.. Roll your shoulders up and back, so that your chest is lifted, bringing your shoulder blades together comfortably. I personally just try to breath quietly enough so I can't hear my breathe. Take a balloon and blow it up using the 4-7-8 breathing technique ~ 10x per day. I wouldn't recommend the hyperventilation type breathing that is in some wim hof techniques because it depletes the body of carbon dioxide and activates the sympathetic nervous system. Different methods work it’s more of whatever I’m feeling at the time, but I find that lying symmetrically on my back makes it work best. Normally, breathing exercises are done with a nice and tall posture. I found this to be really helpful for when my mind would race and race and race. If you want to get calmer, more grounded etc, inhale from the nose and exhale from the mouth. ), and ensure that my face/neck/body are relaxed. I usually notice quite a bit of tension in my face and neck/shoulders, between the eyes and in my jaw, etc. The only question i would have is how is it possible to exhale for that long? Not everyone can do it, and the ability to cope depends on a lot of factors, but when it is working.... Man, it's a beautiful sight, and a beautiful birth. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. I sometimes do the opposite of this where I’ll imagine my leg say, is a piece of rope or something and not actually part of my body. I discovered 4-7-8 breathing years ago through an article by Dr Weil while looking for something to help me deal with panic attacks - and have been using it when I notice I’m anxious ever since. Begin to count each inhale and exhale in your mind. I needed this right now! I have started wim hofs breathing and really enjoy it. I tried a bunch of them. Those slow belly breasts are also great for labor or coping with pain! Press J to jump to the feed. You can actually do the 4-7-8 breathing lying down if your purpose is to sleep. If you want to fall asleep, both from nose is advised. Hope somenone who does this regularly helps to make it clear. I usually go back one or two breaths, to get back on track and lengthen the exercise rather than cut it short. Notice any tension, using the breath to relax the tension as much as you can. Laying on your back, place your hands flat on your stomach, one behind the other (not stacked). If you’re exhaling through your nose, yes. And then he will actually breathe with me to get to a better pattern. You said usually people do it by tensing up and i also have to do that the tongue position foesnt effect my exhaling! Which one is the right technique and does it make any difference if both in and out is through nose and vice versa? It's a relaxant to the whole system. So long as you are not forcing your breath, you should be able to slow and deepen the breath to some degree. Community for users of the Oura Ring wearable. Good for before and after meals, before bed to relax the mind and body, to clear your thoughts and focus on the moment. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What a great write up. While I was in a psychiatric hospital for substance abuse/mood disorder, I picked up a breathing exercise to help me fall asleep. Check it out :), Edit: here’s a link to the podcast for anyone interested Inhale one, exhale one... Inhale two, exhale two... and so on.

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