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| :). And again. I'd say amusement-wise this movie is worth 7.5 out of 10. The plot is so crazy and uninteresting that even such actors like Gary Oldman and Vincent Cassel can not save this film. What will happen to Leo and Raisa? Unfortunately, Child 44 is not the slam dunk it could have been. Child 44 (published in 2008) is a thriller novel by British writer Tom Rob Smith. Leo then tracks down a man named Anatoly Brodsky, who is suspected of treason. There is greatness here, muddled by inconsistency and superfluous subplots. I hope that no Russians actually see this garbage because most of smart American's know that this is typical Russophobe propaganda. Marvelous. And it probably is, but unfortunately 'Child 44' doesn't have what it takes to be a really good film. | One time watch if you have nothing better to do. Do a great film justice & pay to watch it! Helpful. When Alexei's son is found murdered completely naked near the railway, the official explanation is that the boy was hit by a train since there is no murder in paradise since it is a capitalist disease. Nonetheless, the story is compelling, although sometimes the thread jumps around a bit. Both the novel and the film are very loosely based on the case of Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. This movie is fiction, surely, but its making pulls you into a certain realism you can not escape from. Excellent opportunity to lose yourself in a brilliantly multifaceted, deftly crafted story about love, war, politics, serial-killers, violence, loyalty, betrayal, tenderness, and back again. I picked up CHILD 44 because I like the actors in it. I won't forget him and this film at all, it'll be in one of my best seen films list. That's because Spontaneous is honest. Child 44 (published in 2008) is a thriller novel by British writer Tom Rob Smith.This is the first novel in a trilogy featuring former MGB Agent Leo Demidov, who investigates a series of gruesome child murders in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union. I was disappointed we didn't see much of Gary oldman as he is also one of my favourite actors but the small part he played was played very well. This is the first novel in a trilogy featuring former MGB Agent Leo Demidov, who investigates a series of gruesome child murders in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union. did he think capturing Leo would give him points and they'd let him keep his job?) However, I'm super confused by the ending. Metacritic Reviews.

This is a movie I've kept my eye on ever since it was revealed.

Later, Leo and Raisa head back to Moscow to meet with Fyodor. Who's probably just another genius on board of Child 44.

This film is, without a doubt, the best movie in it's genre I've seen in a long time. I honestly thought there had been scenes accidentally deleted at one stage it was so bad and at 137 minutes you can't wait for the end credits to roll. We’re two dudes, and a lady, of which our tastes are quite varied. May Stalin forever lay dead and remembered for only one thing - he was a murdering asshole. It works as a thriller, but author tried to invent too many historical facts here. Leo is reinstated in the MGB after this success. [6], The New York Times called Child 44 a "tightly woven", "ingeniously plotted", "high-voltage story". In January 2011, Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan listed it in their Book Club 100 Books of the Decade. What a shame ~ and shame on whomever was in charge of promoting this movie. I think he warrants an Academy for it. [12] The Sunday Telegraph praised it as a "memorable debut": "the atmosphere of paranoia and paralysing fear is brilliantly portrayed and unremittingly grim". It reminded me of "The Venus Project" by Jacque Fresco, American engineer and Utopian, who seriously considering the possibility of creating society without criminal offenses.

A Massive Disappointment & Wasted Opportunity, A Different side of the Russians, a Precious movie. We went to see Child 44 opening weekend.

He also learns that the serial killer is his brother, Andrei. Few films have conveyed the despair, depression, and paranoia of this era, yet the film itself is so much more. Such movies only awakens Russian rage against the West (especially in such a difficult period of bilateral relations), instead of helping them to overcome their historical past. But Leo finds other similar cases and proceeds investigating, falling in disgrace with the Party. I was really looking forward to seeing Child 44. How "Furious 7" received such great reviews and this film did not is beyond me. The editing is disastrous. | Amid their fierce madness, there is love and kindness too. Child 44 is the story of an ex member of the Russian military police who investigates a series of child murders during the Stalin-era Soviet Union. I have little understanding as to why the promotion of this movie was so neglected. It has the talent, it has the story (based on the best-selling novel); all the ingredients necessary for greatness are there. was he trying to pin the murders on Leo so that he could force Raisa to go back to Moscow and be his wife? A tough watch but a brilliant job by all concerned. It's a 2 hour and 17 minutes movie but I've totally forgotten about the time, caught up in the suspense. I'll have to watch it again. Chikatilo was convicted of and executed for committing 52 murders in the Soviet Union, though his crimes occurred after the Stalin era. Child 44 isn't a bad movie, but its flaws are glaring. I've seen a lot of criticism on the political and historical accuracy, it's a film not a documentary you wouldn't say gladiator isn't good because it's not accurate it's not meant to be it's purely fiction with the exception of the fact it's based on a serial killer from the same country. Everyone is trying, in their own way, to survive. OK. As someone who'd known about this movie for a solid 9 months before its release - namely due to the powerhouse of acting talent involved - I saw despite the somewhat mixed reviews on it. Was he just trying to get ahead (and if so, why not pick on Alexi for questioning his son's death--a much easier target) or did he have something specific against Leo?....As for Vlad, I just thought there was a logic behind it somehow, because they make a point of showing his family and him acting out the murders on himself and then him saying he knows who Leo really is (that he came from the orphanage and is not the biological son of a Party member...)...I don't know, maybe the answers aren't there. Pretty sad. All of the actors and actresses did a splendid job. Questions: What was with Vasily coming up in the woods (why was he following Leo--was he trying to prevent Leo from proving that murders do happen in paradise? The control, the fear, the paranoia, it's all there in the acting and the feel of the film. For the film adaptation, see, "Tom Rob Smith Child 44 Foreign and Awards", "Tom Rob Smith wins the 2008 CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger", "Desmond Elliott, The Desmond Elliott Prize 2009, Arlington Books, The Desmond Elliott Charitable Trust, The prize for new fiction, literary agent, publisher – Previous Winners – The 2008 Prize – The Shortlist – Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith", "Culture Vulture – Galaxy Book Award winners", "100 Books of the decade – Book Club News – Richard and Judy Book Club", "CHILD 44 by Tom Rob Smith | Kirkus Book Reviews", "Churchill, Depression and a Talking Dog", "Ridley Scott to Direct and Produce Child 44",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 October 2019, at 01:47.

Awards [22], This article is about the novel. [2][5], Child 44 has been translated into 36 languages. Join us for our weekly review of movies worth seeing, worth avoiding and our Top 5 lists – and don’t forget to play along at. I vote Child 44 should receive the much coveted Collective Oscar Award 2016. Its not great. Child 44: let's put an end to British actors adopting horrible fake foreign accents Soviet thriller Child 44 continues the trend of actors putting on funny voices to play foreigners. You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds... Pavel hunts for a cat with his brother Andrei. Leo and Raisa arrested on their return to Voualsk. Leo returns to work to find that Brodsky has been executed. There were four people in the entire theatre. Rather than adequately show the real negative features of the Stalinist regime, this film shows us the primitive and delusional set of propaganda clichés, which many directors in Hollywood would have refused to use even during the Cold War. Or was he just saying that Leo got lucky by being found by someone who adopted him and if he hadn't, he might have ended up in Vlad's shoes?...This was a decent film for awhile, but I'm not sure the ending was clear...though I guess it's a series of books, so maybe they left the ending open for a sequel?

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