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He is survived by a grown-up family. The body was taken to the surface and laid in a temporary mortuary, prepared over a month ago at the pithead. Our team are only too happy to assist with your enquiry and will ensure that you get our most competitive quote. With over 18 years in the business, several regional offices offering a nationwide service, highly qualified and experienced professional staff, and its own drilling equipment, Geoinvestigate is best placed to give the most competitive and professional coal mining investigation service in Airdrie, Wishaw and Cumbernauld.. Geoinvestigate’s Coal mining risk assessment unravels the complexity of Scotlands coal mining legacy. The boy, who was only 14 years of age, resided at Back Row, Greengairs. We all know that miners put up pit props to support the mine roof but how did they safely take them down again? Group portrait of male and female pithead workers, near Airdrie, about 1916

The borings which were made yesterday with a view to establishing communication with the men revealed that there is water and black damp in the vicinity of the coal face at which the squad were engaged. It also appears that the fans are now working from the airshaft, with a view to clearing the roads of gas or black damp. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Charity number SCO 43891. There are some 50 collieries and ironstone mines at work in New Monkland parish, while the Calderbank Steel and Coal Company has several furnaces in operation at Calderbank and Chapelhall; and in and without the town there are brass and iron foundries, engineering shops, oil and fireclay works, brickfields, quarries, paper-mills, silk and calico printing works, and cotton, wincey, hosiery, flannel and tweed factories.
Lanarkshire’s miners also went through periods of industrial and political action during this time. To find out more about web accessibility, and the accessibility features of this site, please visit our web accessibility page. Great difficulty is experienced in the cutting and boring operations which are carried on with the object of reaching the isolated section of the pit, and the rescue workers are not very sanguine of an early completion of their task. The Entombed Men - The men entombed reside in villages in the vicinity of the pit. Many of the communities that came to make up the greater Glasgow area grew up independently around mines that were later swallowed up …

Templeton (36), Meadowhead; Robt. The operations were superintended by Mr Walker, Chief Inspector of Mines for Scotland, and his assistants, and among others assisting were Mr Wm Black, Ballochney Colliery; Mr Johnstone, manager of Arbuckle Pit; Mr Russell, Stepends; and Mr M'Anah, Barblues. Let Geoinvestigate quote for your next Coal mining risk assessment (CMRA), coal mining investigation Desk study, ground investigation, Site investigation, geotechnical, geo-environmental or contaminated land investigation in Airdrie, Wishaw and Cumbernauld. The King. The huge demand for labour in the booming Lanarkshire coalfields drew a large number of Irish immigrants both Catholic and Protestant. To John McCabe, a drawer at the Stanrigg Colliery, Airdrie age 17. “Half the city is undermined by some form of mine or other.

M'Cabe declined to accompany some others who were making their escape from the pit, and gave the warning in a section where 50 men were at work. Residents of Jordanhill, one of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods, were told it will cost up to £5000 each to pay for mines that crisscross the area to be filled in. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Marshall's Body Found – On Tuesday night their labours were rewarded with the discovery of the body of William Marshall, 31, a miner, who resided at McCracken's Place, Greengairs. He saw the moss streaming down into the roadway, and ran for the pit shaft commonly used by the men. [Scotsman July 12 1918]. The following is a list of awards for August:-John M'Cabe (16) miner's drawer, Main Street, Longriggend, Airdrie, on 9th July 1918, incurred great personal risk in warning his fellow workmen of the danger on the occasion of an inrush of water and moss in Arbuckle No 3 Pit, Airdrie, when 18 men lost their lives. About 6000 men and women attended. The Coal Authority normally stipulates small volume water injection flush for their internally managed exploratory drilling works because it ensures minimal risk to the public from hazardous gases including carbon dioxide, methane and carbon monoxide.

It was found, as was anticipated, that there was the depth of 8 foot 9 inches of water, which proved there could be no chance of any of the men being still alive. Mr George Welsh, superintendent of the Coatbridge Departmet of the Rescue Brigade, and his men were at practice when the word came, and were speedily on the scene, along with several of the officials and Mr Archibald McCracken. [Glasgow Herald July 11 1918], Last night all hope of recovering the men entombed in Stanrigg pit, near Airdrie, was officially given up when the bore, which was being driven through the face, was finished about 6 o'clock. [Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser August 31 1918], A new communication road is being excavated in Stanrigg Colliery, Airdrie, towards the place where the bodies of several of the entombed boys as supposed to be lying. Mine Accident at Airdrie - 19 workmen entombedAn alarming pit accident by which 19 miners were entombed occurred yesterday at Stanrigg Colliery, near Airdrie. Borings have been made with the view of getting into speaking communication with them and passing down food, and an attempt has been made to sink a shaft immediately above the seam. Local miners were also involved in the campaigns for extension of the right to vote throughout the later 1800s. He had received the Edward Medal from H.M. Much of the eastern conurbation is undermined by mines, and there are pockets in the south and west of the city. With the defeat of the Strike, nearly 10,000 – around a fifth – of Lanarkshire’s mining jobs disappeared in the space of 9 months. With its rail network and huge reserve of coal energy, Lanarkshire’s wealth shifted from iron and became more heavily focused on a variety of highly profitable engineering and steelmaking firms. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. By the later 1800s the shallower coal seams in the Monklands began to become increasingly exhausted. By 1900 the area would produce around half of Scotland’s coal, with over 200 mines in this area alone.

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