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Subscribe To Most Amazing Top 10: She couldnt bake a pie, even though she tried really hard and it would frustrate her, and I dont like pie. Wouldn't that make the Ocean levels drop? [b] He says that he dreams about living back outer space being on the mood playing with his friend which he only said he only had 1 and talked about how it was very little of them there on the moon and talked about how he looked and felt different from his “parents” and his 1 friend. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I only think reincarnation because everything is so vivid in these “Dreams”, if you can all them that, that they feel like memories now. January 22, 2020 MostAmazingTop10 Top 10 0. Perhaps you have had a sense of dejavu that you simply cant explain? There’s my story. She was babysitting me and we were playing in my room. Weird, I know. Dr Ian Stevenson/ Dr Jim. I refuse to eat eggs over easy because I would be afraid that that day I would die. They say that ever since I was born, they have heard footsteps in the houses at night and have seen signs of ghosts but never lne that would harm them and they think it’s my Great Grandpa coming to check on me. She also had a surgery on her left ankle and so did I. Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories I love the website and your YouTube channel and I got a top 10 for you top 10 creepypastas that…, I just watched the urban legend of McDonald's fast food,I used to work at a stock yard and if we…. I do have a clear memory of being in the limbo between that life and my current one. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. It creeps me out. It’s a fascinating concept and one that can’t be ignored as a possibility, even if it begs the question is this world really all there is? [c] [i] She couldnt bake a pie, even though she tried really hard and it would frustrate her, and I dont like pie. I really do believe in reincarnation. Because in this dream, I am always a little boy, probably around 5 or 6 or so, and I’m not even a kid, nor am I am a boy. My Other Mommy At a family dinner, my grandmother told me about something strange that happened when I was 4 or 5 years old. A few of you will – but once in a blue moon, someone is born with a much stronger version of that. Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories – Part 2 Yeah my brother is 5 and when he was three he was always stare and point at the sky but we never knew what he meant but as he had gotten older and was able to talk he started talking about himself being a kid in outer and how everyone looks different up there than down here and how he was never been able to big like me or our parents. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories – Part 2, Top 10 Scary Historical Misconceptions You Were Taught In School, Top 10 Improvised or Makeshift Weapons In Video Games, Top 10 Most Controversial Calls in Sports History, Top 10 Smartest Decisions in Horror Movies, Top 10 Celebrity Commercials from Before They Were Stars, 10 Unexplained Archaeological Discoveries. I was in the Victorian times and a 6ft tall executioner that was murdered by being stabbed in the stomach and I have a birth Mark right were my past self was stabbed. Hope you enjoyed it! Top 10 he’ll ask you if you like his song and if you answer yes, he continues on, if you answer no, then he gets upset and the music changes, (also worth noting, he has heterochromia). Channel Producer: Landon Dowlatsingh- Most Amazing Top 10 Instagram- Most Amazing Top 10 Merch: Hosted By: Danny Burke: Video Edited By: Cassie Macinnis: For Business Inquiries Contact: . [j], i was a different person i grew up and became a TWAT. They can remember names and faces – sometimes they even still feel like their old self and refuse to accept their new life. I have a story for you! MostAmazingTop10 Can you do Top 10 urban Kansas Legends. For Business Inquiries Contact:, Sources: Creepy reincarnation stories and horrifying tales of people who may have lived before. [e] Maybe this was a past life? Ringmaster/Ryu, a man we guessed was a friend of the family at some point. I also used to ask people about things that I shouldn’t know but she would have known about (such as asking about a dress she made even though I had never heard about it or seen it.) This website uses Cookies. These are my favourites – I’m Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Creepy Reincarnation Stories. 0, Hey most amazing top 10 family Im your host Che Durena and welcome back to most amazing top 10 Some people really believe in reincarnation and some people think just a whole bunch of hoopla, If its real it would be amazing to come back as something legendary, but I dont think you get to pick, so you could come back as something super lame like fellow most amazing top 10 host Ayman Hassan But no matter what you believe you can still get interested in todays list of top 10 scary reincarnation stories As always I would love it if you could like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell and stick around for the whole list because Im going to be doing some more pet shoutouts which you love so much If any of you at home need some more most amazing content then check us out on instagram and facebook, we are starting to do facebook exclusive content If any of you at home want some most amazing merch then check out the link in the description below and use the offer code MA10 for 5 dollars off and without taking any longer lets get into his list, 10 James Lieigninger Kids say the darndest things and usually we just ignore them because their stories will go on for hours and can really put a damper on a good time But everyone now and again they say something shockingly intuitive Like when James Liegninger was just a little 2 year old baby and he was looking at a map of the world He kept pointing to an island just off the coast of Japan called Iwo Jima He kept saying the words plane crash, his parents didnt really know what to make of it so they just left it alone, As he got older and was more able to communicate he started having nightmares of a plane crash, a WW2 fighter plane going down in a ball of flame and crashing on the island of Iwo Jima He told his parents that its where the plane of James Huston Jr was shot down His parents did a little digging and found out that this was all true James Lieigninger had memories of being James Huston Jr His parents even brought him to meet with some WW2 veterans to see if his memories were accurate and turns out they all were, Being a kid born in the late 90s must be a much better living situation then a WW2 fighter pilot 9 Here Lies Austin I snagged this one off of reddit This redditor wrote about when his brother was just 3 years old and that he talked about how his name used to be Austin They all kind of brushed it off, I mean when I was a kid I wanted to switch my name every 3 days But one day they were at a park that was close to the cemetery, his brother took off running, He went right into the cemetery and started weaving in and out of tombstones He started to chase his brother down, with their dad trailing close behind Then out of nowhere his brother stopped at a grave, the Tombstone read, here lies Austin Maybe this is a spooky story a redditor made up or maybe this is the real deal Either way, how much would it suck getting reincarnated like 8 blocks from where you died, reincarnated me in australia or something, let me see the world, 8 I used to be Famous I guess the toss up with reincarnation is you could come back as something way less cool In the early 2000s there was a little boy in Oklahoma by the name of Ryan Everytime he would see something regarding Hollywood come on tv he would tell his parents that he used to live there When he was just 4 years old he saw a picture of 1930s actor Marty Martin and claimed that was him After this point he started talking more and more about Martin, This kid was only 4 years old and he knew strangled details about the actors life Like where he lived, what he drove, how big his family was The kids was able to breakdown over 50 facts about the movie star Theyre arent a lot of explanations as to why a young boy would know so much about a dead movie star from a nearly forgotten time 7 Ismale Altinklish It seems like if you get murdered one of two things will happen, youll become a ghost or you get to be reincarnated, And in 1956 a little boy in Turkey claimed to be the reincarnation of a grocery store owner who had recently been murdered Ismale Altinklish was just 18 months old when he started talking about his old life as a man named Albite Zulzmus Zulzmus, had been murdered a few months before Ismail was born He was struck in the in the same spot at the top of his head repeatedly and Ismale and a birthmark in that same spot His parents were so convinced by this little babies memories of his past life that they brought him to meet Zulzmus family, They were all shocked by his memories and one of his daughters was completely convinced that this was her father in baby form 6 My New Daddy Its creepy stories like this that make me never want to have any kids An anonymous submission to the Epoch times told of a mother who got the fright of her life from her little 2 year old Her son kept talking about how he loved his new dad This was super weird because the kid only had one dad his whole life, it was his biological father, At first she thought this was something he must have picked up from tv After a little while of her baby talking about this she asked him who his daddy was Her little baby told her that his old daddy was a very mean man who stabbed him in the back and killed him Holy that his a lot for a mother to take in This obviously freaked her out, she did some research to find out who this person was then the information on that is still pending, 5 Shanti Devi A 4 year old girl in India started tell her mom that she was a mom before, that she didnt get to spend any time with her baby because she died right after the baby was born She said that she was originally from Mathura and she had a husband there and they were in love Her mom didnt believe her but she wanted to see how far this little girl could take this tale, she even had a name for her husband, Kedar Nath The tale went on for so long that the mother actually looked into this Turns out there was a man living in Mathura who had the name Kedar Nath and lost his wife just 10 days after she gave birth to their child, Now she was very intrigued, she set up a meeting between her daughter and this man but she didnt tell her daughter who she was meeting, this way she couldnt fake it Kadar arrive to meet his young girl and as soon as she saw him she recognized him, she started tell him stories of their previous life together and the man broke down into tears Kids lie a lot but sometimes they tell the truth 4 Jenny Cockle The bonus of having a kid who is the reincarnated spirit of someone who has lived a long hard life is that they would appreciate all the nice things youre doing for them They know what its like to work long hard hours, Well Jenny Cockle was 8 year old girl living in the north of england when, but in her heart she was an Irish woman in her mid 30s who had 7 kids and worked long hard days on a farm When you ask a kid what they want to be when they grown up its not usually a struggling farmer Well her mom thought this was very strange so she told the story to a journalist, the story about an 8 year old girl who thought she was an old farmer named marry got picked up by the BBC and then some old dude in Ireland saw the story, contacted the mom said he knew who this little girl was talking about It was Mary Sutton, she died at 35 and had 7 kids The mom set up a meeting with the kids who all got freaked the hell out by this little kid who was telling them detailed pieces of information about their dead mom, but the reincarnated girl was so happy to see all her kids were ok, Thats a pretty wild ride 3 Cameron MaCauley This kid was born in scotland but swore that he was from the Island of Barra He wouldnt stop talking about it, he new who his dad was, he knew who his mom was, he knew what dog he had and how he died in a car crash His parents got so convinced that they hired a documentary crew to follow them as they took their kid to Barra The documentary is shocking, he knew every little detail about the place, you can watch the documentary on youtube 2 Ravi Shankar Holy this one is depressing but also uplifting, I really dont know how to feel about this, So in 1951 there was a little baby in India who was minding his own business His name was Ashak Kumar For whatever reason Ashak was abducted and murdered by two men His parents were devastated, especially when the men saw no jail time 4 years later a young boy by the name of Ravi Shankar started telling his parents of a past life he had, These stories were almost identical to the life of the boy who was murdered Ashak Kumar, eventually this information made its way back to the family who lost their son They met with Shankar and were blown away Not only did Shankar recognize them has his previous parents but he new details about his life that only their deceased son knew He even had detailed information about the days that his son was murdered 1 My name used to be Pam A five year old boy named Luke kept telling his mom about a life he used to have when he was lady named Pam, Kinda weird but not a big deal Until she asked him about this Pam person He told his mom that before he was a lady in chicago and was stuck in a building during a fire Then he had to jump out of the window He met god flew and god sent him back down to earth as a little baby named Luke, Thats one hell of a friday night The mom was pretty shocked by the details of this story so she looked into it In 1993 there was a fire that destroyed a building in Chicago and took the lives of 19 people One of them was a woman named Pam Robinson who jumped out of a window in an attempt to save herself That would make it so hard to impress your kid, they know what its like to be a man and a woman, theyve experienced death and met god, What are you gonna be like, wanna go play at the park?

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