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[G] [Em] You can't go [A]on, thinking[Em] nothing's wr[A]ong[G/D], who's gonna drive you h[D6]ome ton[G]ight? # # {sot #------------------------------------------------------------------------------## {eot #From: (Gavin Gregan) # # DRIVE - THE CARS #1. Who[A]'s gonna tell you w[Amaj7]hen it's too [A]late[Amaj7] W (, this is in C, which is different from the album. [(A)] [A] Who's gonna pay at - [Amaj7] tention, to [A] y (, Drive The Cars Capo at 4th, transpose +4,(or leave like this to sing with baritones!) Just be on page with bad ads and submit it to us via form below. var opts = { for Gtr.) Drive (The Cars) Chords: (CAPO 2nd fret) A: X02220 Amaj7: X02120 Asus2: X02200 F#m: 244222 B: x2444X or Bsus4: X24400 gives it a brighter sound Wh[A]o's gonna tell you [Amaj7]when, it's[A] to late. first, the verse is just switching between C and Cmaj7, but you are playing solo acoustic it will probably sound better by switching between a C and you will still be playing the same notes, just at different intervals. Free printable and easy chords for song by Cars - Drive Acoustic. W W W +W {sot |----------|----------|----------|--------| |----------|----------|----------|--------| |----------|----------|----------|--------| |-9--------|-8--------|-4--------|-(4)----| |-6--------|-6--------|-6--------|-(6)----| |-7--------|-7--------|-7--------|-(7)----| {eot W [Bmaj7] W {sot |----------------------------|----------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------- (, Drive The Cars # #The Cars - Drive # # #Intro: [B] [Bmaj7] [B] [B] [B] [Bmaj7] [B] [B] Verse 1: [B] Who's gonna tell you [Bmaj7]when it's [B]too late? [G] [Em] You can't go [A]on, thinking[Em] nothing's wr[A]ong[G/D], who's gonna drive you h[D6]ome ton[G]ight? Anyway, this may not be completely precise (I've decided use an variation on the fifth (7th) fret instead of straight A) but it's simple enough and nice on an acoustic. Drive by: The Cars. This version a CAPO on the 2nd fret. Verse 2: [B] Who's gonna pick you [Bmaj7]up when you [B]fall? Who's gonna tell you when / It's too late? adunit_id: 100000049, © 1996 - 2020, 578 mil músicas, Chorus 1: G#m C# You can't go on thinking G#m C# nothing's wrong. anyways, it makes shift sound more distinctly. [B] Chorus 1: [G#m] You can't go [C#]on thinking [G#m] nothing's [C#]wrong. Also, you can play it two slightly different ways. [A]Who's gonna plug their (, Drive The Cars Intro Q=83 [B] [Bmaj7] [B] [4/4] Gtr I (Synth. R.Ocasek ((INTRO:)) [C-CM7-C6-C- (2x)] [C CM7] Who's gonna tell you when [ C] it's too late? Chorus: Y[F#m]ou can't go o[B]n, thinkin'[F#m] nothing's wr[B]ong. Drive The Cars DRIVE - Cars, The Capo on 2nd Intro: A - Amaj7 - A 2x [A] Who's gonna tell you [Amaj7] when, it's [A] too late? Utilizamos cookies para personalizar sua experiência. [B] Who's gonna hang it [Bmaj7]up when you [B]call? The Cars - Drive Intro: B Bmaj7 B B B Bmaj7 B B Verse 1: B Bmaj7 B B Who's gonna tell you when it's too late? [(A)] [F#m] You can't go [B] on, thinking [F#m] nothing's [B] wrong [A] Who's gonna drive you [E6] home to - [A] night? [A]Who's gonna hang it [Amaj7]up, when [A]you [Amaj7]call? Ok this is my version of how to play this classic song on acoustic guitar. [B] Who's gonna pay at[Bmaj7]ten (, Drive The Cars # {sot #----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# {eot ##This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # ##song. [A]Who's gonna pick you [Amaj7]up, when [A]you [Amaj7]fall? This version a CAPO on the 2nd fret. Wh A o's gonna tell you A7M when, it's A to late. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. [C]Who's gonna tell you [Cmaj7]when it's [C]too late[Cmaj7] [C]Who's gonna tell you t[Cmaj7]hings aren't [C]so great[Cmaj7] Chorus [Am]You can't go [D7]on , thinkin' [Am]nothing's w[D7]rong [C/G]Who's gonna drive you [G6]home toni[C]ght [2]Who's gonna pick you up when you fall Who's gonna hang it up when you call Who's gonna pay attention to your dreams And who's gonna plug your ears when you scream Chorus Instrumental Break: {sot C----Am----C----Am----Em (, Drive The Cars Drive chords The Cars A Amaj7 4x * [A]Who's gonna tell you [Amaj7]when, it's [A]too [Amaj7]late?

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