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Common in Scottish arms.BUGLE HORN: Another symbol of military service, not to be confused with the hunting horn.BULL: Represents valor. Or stickers of what you want, personalized. ndmtag.defineAdSlot("encyclo.co.uk-sub-728x90-top", {type: "appnexus",id: 3347101,size: [970,250],promoSizes: [[728,90]],promoAlignment: "center"}); function ggetSelection() {var txt = '';if (window.getSelection) {txt = window.getSelection();} else if (document.getSelection) {txt = document.getSelection();} else if (document.selection) {txt = document.selection.createRange().text;}return txt;}$(document).dblclick(function(e) {var t = ggetSelection();if (t) document.location='https://www.encyclo.co.uk/meaning-of-'+encodeURIComponent(t);}); The emmet, also called the pismire, is an heraldic charge in European heraldry, particularly in English and German heraldry, representing historic names for the ant. The emmet might be understood as a symbol of hard work and of wisdom, although symbolism in heraldry always has to be approached with skepticism, as the arms might be canting, or the symbolism might not apply in a particular case. The fasces were also the emblem of the Italian fascist party under Benito Mussolini.FETTERLOCK: A symbol of authority, is frequently painted as a fetlock, the lower leg of a horse. The images that appear here are examples and none of them belong to the coat of arms for the name Emmet: controls.focus(); MARTLET: It was thought in medieval times that the swallow (martlet) did not have any feet.

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With Shield & Crests' 30 years experience in heraldic art, and an extensive library of authentic heraldic books, the terms and meanings outlined here should shed light on the ancestry for almost all family names.ABYSS: The honor point of the shield, the very center.ACORN: The symbol of plenty, also used in coats of arms as a pun on the name (Canting arms)ANCHOR: The emblem of hope, usually painted with a rope attached.ANNULET: A ring, the symbol of strength. The symbol of fortitude and magnanimity of mind.INK-MOLINE: The center of a mill wheel, an emblem of industry.IVY: The symbol of eternal life.JACKDAW: A member of the crow family, symbolic of death.JANUS HEAD: Emblematic of the passage of time.JOUSTING LANCE: Symbol of a knight in service.KEY: An emblem of one in the service of the Church.KINGFISHER: Symbol of the halcyon of the ancients. Bibliography that collects the history and the coat of arms for the family Emmet: Burnt Parchment with the coat of arms, origin and history for the family name Emmet. The symbol of wisdom & medicine.CALDRONA: Boiling pot, denotes a willingness to do battle.CALTRAP: A nasty device to disable cavalry horses. Burnt Parchment with the coat of arms, origin and history for the family name Emmet.

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This is a Scottish wildcat, represents vigilance and courage. Print. ndmtag.defineAdSlot("encyclo.co.uk-sub-728x90-mid", {type: "appnexus",id: 3347103,size: [728,90]}); function KeyDown(e)

BUCKLE: The emblem of fidelity and firmness. Very cheap. Very common in crests, less so on the shield.BADGER: Also known as a brock, denotes intelligence. Also said to be a symbol of persuasion.FROG: The symbol of harmony and peace.FUSIL: A spindle used in the spinning industry, emblem of industry.GALTRAP: Another word for the Cheval Trap to disable horse cavalry. And Ireland.SHEAF: Termed a garb in heraldry, an emblem of peace and plenty.SHELL: Worn on the sleeve as a symbol of pilgrimage.SHIELD: Used as an emblem of defense.SIREN: A mermaid, the emblem of eloquence.SKELETON: The emblem of mortality. * The family name Emmet appears in the list of last names in Heraldry & Crests so its complete history, crest and coat of arms or heraldic shields can be known on his website: http://www.heraldrycrests.com/ ==Significance== The emmet is understood as a symbol of hard work and of wisdom. Emmet is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow: Basically, most text editors out there allow you to store and re-use commonly used code chunks, called “snippets”. _cc13663.bcp();

In this web of the surname Emmet some of the mentioned books appear, although there are more works.There are also data of Emmet in parochial records of baptisms, marriages and deaths. In this web of the surname Emmet some of the mentioned books appear, although there are more works.There are also data of Emmet in parochial records of baptisms, marriages and deaths.

A symbol of courage.VINE LEAVES: A symbol of industry and plenty.VULTURE: An uncommon emblem of rapacity.WALL: A symbol of solidity, usually embattled.WATER-BOUGET: A device used in ancient times to carry water to the camp. ndmtag.cmd.push(function() { Heraldry & Crests A symbol of military service.WHALE: Emblematic of patience and understanding.WHEAT: A symbol of plenty.WHEEL: A symbol of industry, often used as a pun on the name.

}); if (e.which > 90 || e.which < 48) return; Used in the arms of Carter.WING: Termed a Vol in heraldry it is an emblem of protection.WYVERN: A cross between a dragon and a serpent and is a symbol of courage.WOOL-PACK: An emblem of industry.YEW TREE: An ancient English symbol of hope.ZODIAC: An unusual emblem of the celestial sphere.

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