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�b*�/l�޼��`+��>��hE ^��3���Ɋl��+�@Llr �-��q$0܄Anf� ��&((��c�����!�ɤ����566K���aj L%%ecc�Z�ʴ�HNTRRC�Uqq�I��1Q5��lX,j Developing Eco-Cities Through Policy, Planning, and Innovation. © 2015 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environ Prog, 35: 823–832, 2016, American Institute of Chemical Engineers 120 Wall St., 23rd floor New York, NY 10005 1-800-AIChemE (1-800-242-4363) (203) 702-7660 www.aiche.org. Environmental degradation in Pakistan By Haroon Mustafa Janjua. Most of the countries emphasized on the financial sector development to have stable economic expansion and environmental degradation. Environmental degradation due to industrialization results in waste dumped into rivers and canals. 0000002497 00000 n Pakistan should utilise its resources to remove poverty and make economy of Pakistan better day by day. endstream endobj startxref Urban and rural contribution to the GHG emissions in the MECA countries. 0000078265 00000 n Quantifying the drivers of urban expansion in Nepal. The findings of the study suggest that policy makers need to formulate appropriate policy for long term urban planning which can certainly help to mitigate largely CO2 emissions/environmental pollution. Analysis on the regional difference and impact factors of CO2 emissions in China.  |  Among all, the mostly involved factorscan be the day-to-dayincrease in population of Pakistan, increasing needs and demands, increased deforestation, increased use of goods and services and the highlighting cause is the use of polluting technology that is causing air and water pollution, climate change, global warming, ozone depletion, carbon dioxide contamination in the atmosphere, acid rains, natural disasters like floods and droughts, wildlife extinction and many more.Climate change, an environmental hazard, is one of the biggest global issues that the world is facing.Another devastatingoutcomewhich in return is also contributing to environmental degradation is the disruption of ecosystem. The least squares estimate reveals that the impact of urbanization on the environment found is blended. Government intervention should involve the development of institutional and legal structures for implementing effective pollution control laws and ordinances, the development of skills for evaluation of environmental consequences of development projects, and training in the aforementioned areas. Working off-campus? 0000048050 00000 n The pollution in the Peshawar Vale and the Kabul River is threatening not only the water fishery industry but also irrigation of farmland. ICCW News Bull. March 2, 2014. Environmental degradation is t he deterioration o f the environment throu gh depletion of resources s uch a s ai r, water and soil; th e destruc tion of ecos ystems and the extinction of h�b```�>^a��1�F�Ȅ��"L� Z����;hX�Ey�0:6g(=�0�Aa�M�� !nnni) @i6mj�� xref Smog is a combination of smoke and fog which is due to burning of large amount of coal. 1992 Jul-Dec;40(3-4):21-6. Does Islamabad require a food authority model like Punjab's? Learn more. start improving the environmental degradation by investing in environmentally friendly project and introducing such a technology which reduces the number of emissions in the atmosphere (Shahbaz et al., 2013). Pakistan should implement valuable strategies and efficient policies to decrease the effects of global warming and greenhouse gases on environment. t�'���؜��/��l���-d���&p�ݏ� ��ǡ&�1G :��`GD9�L�[�0����MF(~���.Kd� U�E,�$ĩ����p(�.$�WAV_�* �x8 �Z�UdG�|V��"&k Decomposing the linkages between energy consumption, air pollution, climate change, and natural resource depletion in Pakistan. IMPACT OF URBANIZATION ON CO2 EMISSIONS IN EMERGING ECONOMY: EVIDENCE FROM PAKISTAN. 0000001097 00000 n 0000017900 00000 n Spatiotemporal Variation of Urban Heat Islands for Implementing Nature-Based Solutions: A Case Study of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information. Environmental degradation is the depletion or deterioration of environment in terms of reduction of resources. 0000003558 00000 n Many circumstances may beresponsible for this disastrous decree in natural resources. � Environmental Impact Assessment would be helpful in identifying physical, biological, and social consequences of environmental pollution. PIP: 0000026927 00000 n 0000001951 00000 n The Report of the World Commission in 1987 revealed that environmental pollution would increase with rising urbanization. Due to the limited resources at its disposal, government efforts alone are not sufficient enough to address challenges resulting from climate change. =��8����4����b�X�PQ�E6@D6��E�A�dUPdQ7Pw (n�⒘h4�5�c5���{N���u�g��a��~뭪��m-]-mm�A�g̜5�a��w�wT@H�h��U�!��X�� ��>��H�L��G�S\��]ʦM�ް῿}H��G��|�o�3��������i�ak"V�G�{._���������v+b�WDE�v�^��;F�&8X��X�~Ċ��+|�����V/--ZK�_K���Vߏ��H����leZ��_�s��w�x-�,�J��:�t�:�:�t���5��]sݗT�����H�af1Q��ޓz��`���D(����ھw��ů? –The author is a student at National Defence University, Islamabad. Public environmental education is needed. 0000026098 00000 n Public revenue in Pakistan is generated primarily through natural resources. 2008;195:93-115. headway in controlling environmental degradation. 0000008053 00000 n 2 de Janeiro and thereafter became party to various international conventions and protocols. 1758 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<3BA22F9BD85FCF46BE0CF81EDFD1FD91>]/Index[1740 52]/Info 1739 0 R/Length 97/Prev 609344/Root 1741 0 R/Size 1792/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Economic consequences of environmental degradation. This primary purpose of this study is to investigate the nexus between energy consumption, economic growth and CO2 emission in Pakistan … Clipboard, Search History, and several other advanced features are temporarily unavailable. Environmental degradation is t he deterioration o f the environment throu gh depletion of resources s uch a s ai r, water and soil; th e destruc tion of ecos ystems and the extinction of It is one of the biggest problems that the whole world is facing right now. PIP: Environmental degradation in urban Pakistan is described and solutions offered for policy changes and changes in design of development projects. Many circumstances may beresponsible for this disastrous decree in natural resources. International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems. 0000028123 00000 n The environment of such lands is affected badly and is destroying gradually because of lack of resources, over-population and unemployment which has forced humans to move towards unusual natural resources for food, shelter and living. Mañay N, Cousillas AZ, Alvarez C, Heller T. Rev Environ Contam Toxicol. Urbanisation, local food crop production and tourism output of Pakistan. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. 0000001576 00000 n Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Lack of cleanliness, a major throwback, is making environment contaminated. All these have led to increased air pollution, floods, soil erosion, and increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.Many people in Pakistan donot have access to clean water and healthy food. Pakistan is rich in natural resources like natural gas, coal etc.but is still victim of environmental degradation. Get the latest public health information from CDC: https://www.coronavirus.gov. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. 0 The criticality of growth, urbanization, electricity and fossil fuel consumption to environment sustainability in Africa.

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