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Follow Clarice Stirling on her bone-chilling mission, juggling two sociopathic criminals, in The Silence of the Lambs. When you flip open a mystery novel, what do you expect? His descriptions of a psychopath killer are creepily accurate. She makes up stories for the lives she observes, stories that are better than her own, free of divorce and alcoholism. Cormoran Strike is written by one of the best-selling authors of all time: Robert Galbraith. It grabs you right from the get-go and is pretty fast paced. After sampling a few of the treats inside, Mrs Bendix becomes ill and sadly passes away. Before there was How To Get Away With Murder and Suits, lawyer-related entertainment came in the form of criminal cases. Rachel Watson takes a train from her home into the city center everyday, and to kill the time, she often spends much of it looking at the same houses that pass by her. Rather than feature one character, each book in The Dublin Murder Squad series follows the case of a different police detective. Dan Brown knows how to write up a riddle — just read The Da Vinci Code and you’ll see. Trust book recommendations from real people, not robots . 28,108 ratings — 154,835 ratings — He provides the reader with very (very) detailed descriptions, which some find to be extremely helpful so they can picture everything in their mind, but some of you might prefer a more to-the-point approach without all the fluff. Conan Doyle's legendary detective, Sherlock Holmes, presumed dead, returns to the land of the living to shed light on the petrifying death of his friend, Charles Baskerville. This story follows private eye Joe Leland as he is asked by a widow to look into the circumstances of her husband’s death. The political intrigue and peculiar records make for a good dramatic story that is incredibly informative and intriguing, thereby winning The Daughter of Time tremendous love from the readers and praise from the critics. 36,453 ratings — Earlier copies had a major amount of typos that were very distracting. Along with their friendships is an array of family dramas, from ex- or abusive husbands to dark pasts. The twist with this one is that she ends up having to enlist the help of deranged cannibal, Dr Hannibal Lecter. You can imagine Dan Brown spending hours meandering between paintings and statues in Paris before coming up with this elaborate quest that Langdon embarks on. The sleuth who saves the day in this novel is Flavia, an intuitive 11-year-old whose father is accused of murder. Recommended Reads: An Inspector Calls (1945). Is this a clue as to who committed the murder? (shelved 5 times as detective-novels) avg rating 4.05 — 125,132 ratings — published 2008 Want to Read saving… Twists and surprises abound in this fantastic detective novel that will not leave you disappointed! Well, who's your pick', “It was midnight when I parked my car under Union Square. Or maybe you’re already a fan, but you’re interested in broadening your range? That is, if you’ve already read volume 1, The Girl in the Ice. Recommended Reads: The Silver Pigs (1989), Venus in Copper (1991), Two for the Lions (1998). What you like, we might hate. The stakes, however, are raised when he found out that his own brother is somehow involved in the mystery, and the murder he is falssely accused of is nowhere near as simple as he thought. Anatomy of a Murder, written by a Supreme Court Justice under the pseudonym Robert Traver, is such a classic. You’ll have to read to find out. Josephine Tey brings to life in this novel the intricacies of the past, and the way history is interpreted to reopen a case that was once done and dusted. Too often, the protagonist of detective stories are portrayed as being rational to the point of cold-hearted; it’s probably worth your while to change it up a little with Travis McGee’s quest for goodness. In probably the most unpleasantly satisfying way possible, Sharp Objects will leave you shivering with wonders about how far the effects of a broken family can reach. We all want different things when we read a book. Arguably, the best feeling when reading a crime novel is being faced with a sufficiently difficult puzzle and yet still being able to jump up and shout “I knew it!” when the final reveal comes around. While the case is overwhelmingly against Manion, his unreliable behavior leaves room for challenges against conviction, and that’s where Biegler and his seemingly laid-back attitude comes in. Flashing neons on all four sides repudiated the night.”, avg rating 4.16 — Recommended Reads: Last Bus to Woodstock (1975); The Dead of Jericho (1981); The Remorseful Day (1999). published 2018, avg rating 4.04 — Following two separate strings of events, the characters eventually find themselves both trying to find the person who, forty years ago, supposedly killed Harriet Vanger — niece of one of the wealthiest men in Sweden. Returning to detective stories we have The Maltese Falcon, which follows Sam Spade’s journey to find his client’s sister and her unwelcomed partner. published 2006, avg rating 4.05 — 53,813 ratings — Simenon described Maigret as “a large powerfully built gentleman…a pipe, a bowler hat, a thick overcoat.” He’s a quintessentially French detective and enjoys working with a select band of policemen to help bring justice. Some of us are literature pros and snobs, some of us have a Masters in English and some of us are English teachers, some of us want more romance and some of us want more blood and guts. A fop to the extreme, with his love of absolute symmetry, meticulous order, and fine foods, none of his idiosyncrasies eclipse the brilliance of his ‘little grey cells.’ Tackling all manners of crime with his unflappable cool and easy charm, from high-octane murder to animal kidnappings and theft, Hercule may not match his Grecian namesake in size and valour, but he certainly makes up for this with his acuity and intellectual brilliance. The Girl on the Train is yet another suspenseful read that uses unreliable narrators to the full. As he and sidekick cryptologist Neveu tries to decode the artistic riddles left at the scene, all of which are related to the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Dan Brown takes readers scrambling through the City of Love, speechless (because of the shrewd puzzles and not Paris’ beauty, of course). He’s a brilliant crime solver, but the way he cracks cases can be a bit unusual. Devoted wife Amy’s sudden disappearance throws Nick Dunne into a hailstorm of suspicion — from her parents to his neighbours to the investigators, everyone leans towards believing that he is somehow responsible. 63,334 ratings — The Moonstone is widely regarded as the first mystery novel ever published, and Wilkie Collins paved the way for subsequent books in this genre by introducing hallmark elements such as the large number of suspects, an incompetent constabulary force, and an exceptionally brilliant detective. 125,274 ratings — What’s more thrilling is the fact that this kill order came from within the government and thus must be covered up well. Newer versions have been edited, so hopefully you’ll get your hands on a clean copy! published 2007, avg rating 3.67 — Many great detective novels are written by detectives, but others are written by authors who rely on a lot of research in order to write from a detective’s point of view. Allen has also discovered a smuggled treasure buried somewhere in Florida, and is using that to fund his malicious exploits. Homecoming proves harder than she thought: Camille had been estranged from her family, and must now reconnect with them.

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