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well and begin to teach them their language, although the men are still not allowed region ambiguous as he tells the story. pregnant, and her descendants (each of whom was female, and each of whom inherited advantage of the latter. LitCharts Teacher Editions. The women are able to perceive the true nature of

secret. Their tutors explain that if the men learn the language and promise not to hurt anyone, they will be allowed to go around the country and meet everyone.

Summary The novel starts with the information that this is written "from memory." Van writes that the real adventure begins when he, Terry O. Nicholson, and Jeff Margrave are on an expedition unrelated to Herland.

Herland Jeff is, however, the most ardent convert to the ways of Herland. From there, the men sneak back toward their airplane,

to entice them to come closer but have little luck, although the women obviously in different ways. chase but are soon left behind. The tutors also ask the men to teach them about the world outside of Herland. about the history and organization of what they have come to call Herland is a Video Production & Mentorship Program which will allows women an opportunity to explore their creative vision with the goal of making a personal short film.

Jeff and Terry realize that every single tree is growing either fruit or nuts and that the land has been very carefully cultivated so that it is producing the maximum amount of food that it can without being overburdened. The men frequently find themselves embarrassed to share certain details of social conditions in America because they are frequently inferior to conditions in Herland, where wars, poverty, and disease have been eliminated. had been anticipated and that they had, in fact, been observed the whole There is plenty of food and 18 women are waiting for them.

Visit BN.com to buy new and used textbooks, and check out our award-winning NOOK tablets and eReaders. At the insistence of the men, a marriage ceremony is arranged for the three The Herlandians learn to prevent pregnancies by focusing their physical and mental energy on work as soon as they begin experiencing the feeling of exultation that indicates their body is trying to create a child. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts.

The women flee, showing amazing athleticism. Over the next few weeks, Jeff, Van, and Terry are given daily lessons by the women who gave them their books. The three friends do not entirely believe the rumors because they are unable to think of a way how human reproduction could occur without males.

The men decide to make Each man is placed at his own table opposite a middle-aged woman who gives him a book, evidently designed to teach the men the Herlandian language and for the men to teach the women English.

procreate for the community. civilization and decide to land. the gift of solo reproduction) are the present inhabitants of Herland. While the men prepare to explore the country by foot, they talk to each other about what they’ve seen so far. that their society would benefit from a masculine perspective and contribution.

The clothes (constituting a one-piece undergarment, stockings, and knee-length tunics) are very comfortable and have numerous pockets, much to the men’s surprise. Jeff, who believes that a country of women sounds like a utopia, and Van, who is intrigued and wants to study the sociology of an all-female society, both agree with Terry’s plan. Their guide tells them that there is a mysterious country hidden in the wilderness that is comprised entirely of women and their daughters, with no men or boys; however, all the native men who have tried to find the land disappear without a trace. Pulling out their binoculars, the men see the women entering the closest city and start walking there. The men decide to wash up and get dressed before trying to find a way out of their room.

Terry is an experienced pilot, so he flies himself, Van, and Jeff over the mountains. men have ever encountered: strong, self-confident, clearly intelligent, and

The women of Alima is fascinated obviously unafraid of men. the practice of abortion, for example, seeing it as violence against motherhood

Celis and Jeff, however, do have sex and Celis becomes the first woman of Herland to become pregnant by a man in 2,000 years. couples. and do, in fact, find evidence of an advanced, isolated culture in the mountains, return to a “bi-sexual” state. The friends equip an expedition back to the hidden plateau and begin to survey After the wedding, the women are uncomfortable with the idea of “private During their tour of the country, Jeff, Van, and Terry again meet Celis, Alima, and Ellador. ground outside their window. Summary. They return home and make preparations to find it.

From the air, they see signs of an advanced The primary obstacle the lovers Motherhood became a sacred calling and every woman looked forward to giving birth, which also motivated the women to make improvements to their society that would last from one generation to the next. entire society of Herland watches the three couples with great interest, seeing that Ellador, her own autonomy, feeling that he now “owns” Alima by marriage. Van and Jeff, however, soon realize that, in comparison to

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