how to moonwalk smoothly

You need to practice the moonwalk on a smooth floor, wearing socks or very smooth-soled shoes and comfortable clothing. A simple instruction on how to pull off the classic dance move "The Moonwalk," as made famous by Michael Jackson. Betrayal Active Member. This is great. Can anyone actually read this? However, once you get it, you'll forever be able to impress people with your skills. It will probably help you to have a couple of mirrors (one in front of you and one to the side) to check how you look. Straight backwards most you can do is around 8 or higher, but only really good bridgers can do this timing. Sliding Right Foot. [3] X Research source If you don't have any smooth surfaces in your home ... Materials Needed. A smooth surface, such as: --Hardwood floors --tile floors --firm carpeting 2. wait, what? That may seem impossible at first. I have seen Technoblade moonwalk for like 4-5 blocks. Moonwalking is a simple process, and a cool dance move. Did you make this project? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Share it with us! Your right knee will be bent. Shoes that slide/Socks (It's helpful to learn in socks) 3. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Put on a pair of socks. 3 EASY STEPS! Formerly known as the "backslide", the moonwalk is a popping move. HOW TO: LEARN TO MOONWALK IN 5 MINUTES! Dick stuck in ceiling fan. on Introduction, You start with your right foot lifted, slide with left, then lift your left left and slide your right, look at the pictures, i saw this video on this instructablethis instructable the video is not that great but well explained, DIY Interactive Animated Pumpkins - 3D Printed | Raspberry Pi. 3.Slide your left foot back across the floor, a bit farther than where your right heel is. 12 years ago saves the post. Off to the supermarket now. Bring on the weird looks! dont mean to be mean but i didnt get that at all. 4.Now do the high-heels pose with your left foot, put your right foot back down. No it’s possible to do it since you strafe when you moonwalk you confusing it with straight back godbridging. - Duration: 25:59. When Michael Jackson debuted his famous "moonwalk" in 1983, the … Once again, smoothness is key, and while you can try it anywhere, it helps to be on a smooth, flat, non-stick surface, such as a hardwood floor or a smooth-tiled floor. Oct 8, 2020 #2 can you drag click? I would like to learn to moonwalk but I can only get 4 blocks at a time, my mouse doesn’t double click so my best bet is the 4cps method. That, at first, may seem unlikely. Can i do it with 2 of the same color shoes? 1 Apinity Well-Known Member. Finishing Right Foot Slide. 5.Slide your right foot back across the floor. 6.Repeat! How to Moonwalk Correctly - Michael Jackson Dance - YouTube Immmmm doing it boysssss!! In this video we show you how to do the moonwalk like the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. 4.Use fluid movements, moonwalking like a robot is not really moonwalking. 2.Lift the heel of your right foot like you're wearing high-heels. apinity Joined Jul 25, 2017 Messages 1,018 Reactions 557. It's actually much simpler than it seems and looks awesome. I've been able to moonwalk for a long time but every time I do it, it feels weird. [2] X Research source When you become a pro, you can even master this move with sneakers! 12 years ago It became popular around the world following Michael Jackson's moonwalk during the performance of "Billie Jean" on Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, which was broadcast on May 16, 1983. 5.With less friction, the moonwalk is easier, but if you're on asphalt with shoes, or in other high-friction situations, practice putting your weight on the high-heel foot, and sliding your other foot gently across the suirface. This instructable will teach you how to moonwalk like MJ! How to Moonwalk . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. JavaScript is disabled. Your moonwalk may not be as smooth or as fast as his, but it's an example, my home …. Moonwalking tapping d or a is perfectly legit and not too hard . If you enjoy this content, Please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!! Your moonwalk may not be as smooth or as fast as his, but it's an example, my home video needed some special program to watch it (IDK why), so I just decided to show the real MJ. Stay away from rough or uneven surfaces or carpeted areas. Music (Optional) 5. 20.4m members in the gifs community. You can also master the move with sneakers when you are a pro! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ready Stance. I've been able to moonwalk for a long time but every time I do it, it feels weird. 1.the distance at which you should slide your foot should be at least be toes behind …, Conclusion. 3.The farther out you eject your knee and lift your heel during the high-heels pose, the more dramatic and smooth it is, but it's more difficult. Stand with feet side by side, shoulder width apart. follow these steps, each one goes with the pictures in order: 1.Space your feet about 2-6 inches apart, just estimate. Pffft moonwalk? Instructions unclear. \o/. I've just unleashed the motherfucking moonwalk! 50+ videos Play all Mix - Michael Jackson teach Moonwalk steps YouTube; Dancers for This is it! if so practice the timing. Tfw you can’t zoom in on a gif. Knowledge of basic foot anatomy (see above) Socks or smooth bottom shoes. I saw other people doing moonwalk bridge and i was wonder how to do it???? Find a smooth surface. unicornbetrayal Joined Sep 1, 2016 Messages 654 Reactions 198. 5:23. Most dance floors will work, of course, but so will most kitchen floors. The slide should stop when the toes are in alignment with the left heel. It looks like I'm gliding smoothly but it never feels that I'm just a magician performing an illusion. Perfect to surface practice on. 2.Don't "slide" your foot forward before each stroke, many people say to do this, but they don't really know how to properly moonwalk. Formerly known as the "backslide", the moonwalk is a popping move. Wearing socks can make it much easier for you to learn how to moonwalk and float across the floor. :) . How to Moonwalk . How to get your baby to open wide for breastfeeding, How to remove permanent marker from clothes, How to unlock ipod touch without passcode. Straight backwards most you can do is around 8 or higher, but only really good bridgers can do this timing. If you're a beginner, start on soft surfaces and wear socks. Reply Unofficial Shannon Holtzapffel Website 155,617 views. The moonwalk is considered an intermediate to difficult dance move; if you don't have dance experience already (and even if you do), it may take you awhile to master this step.

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