how to search image on google on pc

Click an image. It's a red, yellow, blue, and green sphere. On your computer, open a browser, like Chrome or Firefox. There are a few ways to make your search even easier or more specific to your needs. Last Updated: March 29, 2019 On your computer, open the Chrome browser. 3. Select "Choose File" to browse your files and pick an image to search. But after only a few minutes, you can easily change the Google search page for good. Click Upload an image file. How to make Google your homepage on any major web browser, How to change the language in your Google Chrome browser, How to take a screenshot on a Google Pixel 2 or 3, including alternate methods, How you can use the Google Translate app to translate languages offline. You will now successfully get to know the origin of the searched image. The search results default to images. Depending on which licence you need, select from the below options. Google Images is a great place to do a traditional search for pictures of tuxedo cats or skull tattoos. Subscriber … On your computer, open a web browser, like Chrome or Safari. You can also do a reverse image search to find information about a specific photo or graphic. Go to Google Images. You can also do a search on Google for the image you want to find, then at the top, select Images. Find related images On your computer, go to You also done this by using Small SEO tools, as they are offering may tools such as reverse image search. They won't be a part of your search history, and we'll only use them during that time to make our products and services better. How can I upload an image on Google Images? Google uses the image you upload to find similar ones and wont use the image for any other purposes. Enter the image URL you want to research or simply upload it by clicking on the “Search by Image” icon. You'll need to download the Google Chrome app to do a reverse image search on your smartphone. When you use Google reverse image search on a screenshot, instead of taking you to the source, Google will open the page related to the definition of screenshots. At the time of testing, we figured out that without desktop mode, the option to upload an image was not available. A reverse image search will bring up similar images. You'll have hundreds of photos of tuxedo cats that look like your Bootsie within seconds. as well as other partner offers and accept our. You can use the Google image search feature on desktop to upload your own image for which to search, or you can use the Google Chrome browser on both mobile and desktop to search for matches of online images. Keep in mind that you won't be able to download the photo if it's already on your device. How to Install Brave Browser on Ubuntu And Earn Rewards? Search an image by URL. Click the camera icon or drag and drop an image onto the Google Images page. Click the camera icon to start a reverse image search. 1.On your computer, open a web browser Chrome. To find a page or an answer to a question, you can search for a related image on Google Images. Open any browser on your smartphone and tap on the desktop site option. Or drag and drop an image file into the browser window. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,397,397 times.

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