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He is known for his roles in Iris, Moulin Rouge!, Topsy-Turvy, and Bridget Jones' Diary. Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1999: Harry Lennix... Alternate Best Actor 1999: Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide... Alternate Best Actor 1999: Jim Broadbent in Topsy-... Alternate Best Actor 1999: Heath Ledger in Two Hands, Alternate Best Actor 1999: Ralph Fiennes in Sunshine. At the same time Brown shows how much he cares for him, and you can see that in his interactions with other characters. Broadbent also appeared in 1983 & 1991 as DCI Roy Slater, an associate character in the enormously popular sitcom Only Fools and Horses. Matt:3. Although I will still say the deaging still worked for him 95% (or more) of the time for him, to the point I did forget about it, but that's just in-comparison to Pacino and Pesci where I really I didn't have a second thought about it. Also saw Knives Out, Really enjoyed it, De Armas was amazing. [4], Senast redigerad den 10 februari 2020, kl 04.03, Bästa manliga huvudroll - Miniserie eller TV-film, Indiana Jones och Kristalldödskallens rike, Broadbent Theatre Member Profile: Roy Broadbent. So instead of waiting 100 years for what Louis finally posts, why don't we start making predictions soon?Who wants to participate in this game write the following sentence: "Winners of Louis in the year of ... are:", Winners of Louis in the year of 1972 are:PICTURE: The GodfatherDIRECTOR: Francis Ford Coppola - The GodfatherACTOR: Al Pacino - The GodfatherACTRESS: Joanne Woodward - The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon MarigoldsSUPPORTING ACTOR: Bruce Dern - The CowboysSUPPORTING ACTRESS: Hanna Schygulla - The Bitter Tears of Petra von KantENSEMBLE: The GodfatherPRODUCTION DESIGN: SolarisSOUND EDITING: The Poseidon AdventureSOUND MIXING: The Poseidon AdventureSCORE: The GodfatherEDITING: The GodfatherVISUAL EFFECTS: The Poseidon AdventureCOSTUME DESIGN: CabaretCINEMATOGRAPHY: The GodfatherMAKEUP and HAIRSTYLING: CabaretORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: The Discreet Charm of the BourgeoisieADAPTED SCREENPLAY: The GodfatherSONG: "The Morning After" - The Poseidon Adventure. Other comic roles include the lead role in the sitcom The Peter Principle and occasional guest appearances in Not The Nine O'Clock News and Victoria Wood As Seen on TV. Luke:The film itself, as with most films of the scale isn't completely bereft of flaws. He has no children but she has two sons from a previous relationship. I won’t lie i had a bit of headache in the first ten minutes following the movie, but once i get used to this style i started really enjoying the movie. She's a 3.5 for me now, I thought she made quite an impact with limited time. Bryan: I'd take that release date with a grain of salt for the moment. Well, I don't think I can add much to everyone's thoughts, but The Irishman is indeed fantastic. Any thoughts on that? He was wildly entertaining as indicated by the trailers, but what caught me off guard was how sorry he made me feel for Hoffa in his last few scenes. And my ratings are about the same. De Niro and Pesci have been sitting great with me but I’m still on Team Pacino. Very happy to see Broadbent get a five from you Louis. Louis: I read somewhere that The Irishman could be described as “Goodfellas filtered through Silence” since it’s quieter and more introspective than its predecessor. The movie approaches different themes, like toxic masculinity and how a family can overcome a tragedy, and i liked how honest and realistic some situations were portrayed, something that i didn’t found in Honey Boy, and the latter is supposed to be a more personal movie than Waves. Agreed. de Armas - 5(Unquestionably lead)Craig - 4.5(Lead for me, though borderline) Evans - 4Johnson - 4Curtis - 3.5Shannon - 3.5Collette - 3.5Stanfield - 3Langford - 3Martell - 3Patterson - 3Plummer - 3.5Oz - 3Nice seeing M. Emmet Walsh, though I wish there had been more of him. Broadbent played the lead role of the TV film Wide-Eyed and Legless. You really feel his presence and the sense of what his character meant to Sheeran through the performance. Easily my favorite of the year so far and one of my favorites of the decade in general. Matt: Yeah I should've clarified. Just pristine, and to the point work in every regard. [3] In Wickenby, a former Methodist Chapel was purchased in 1970 by Holton Players, who converted it into a 100-seat theatre, named Broadbent Theatre in memory of Roy Broadbent, who designed the conversion. )Nivola - 4(I mean John Kreese inspired without a doubt, and Nivola too is quite enjoyable in portraying such a steadfast manner in portraying the "zenlike" state of the man. Although extremely minor in my view, in that I can sum them up in that De Niro looked old with the grocer beatdown, and I think it would've benefited him if they hadn't tried to do Sheeran's blue eyes as well. James "Jim" Broadbent, född 24 maj 1949 i Lincoln, Lincolnshire, är en Oscarsbelönad och tvåfaldigt Golden Globebelönad brittisk skådespelare. Luke:The makeup and Hairstyling is fantastic, both in terms of period needs, Broadbent's facial hair in particular is magnificent after all, but all the more in terms of the creation of each and every stage character in the work. I've actually come around to liking Frozen and Tangled equally. Calvin:Oh it's terrific theme, and a interesting choice, that in a way set the mood and tone differently from Casino or Goodfellas with that focus less on songs. Luke: Yeah I figured. Love the other choices though. In 2016, he was cast in the seventh season of the HBO series Game of Thrones. Little Women reviews are very positive and I honestly think Pugh is becoming a very strong contender for a Best Supporting Actress nom, they’ve been singling her out just as much as Ronan. Broadbent portrayed the title role in the Channel 4 drama Longford in October 2006, earning a BAFTA TV Award, a Golden Globe, and a 2007 Emmy nomination for his performance as Frank Pakenham (1905–2001), Earl of Longford, which was centred on Longford's ultimately unsuccessful campaign for the parole of Myra Hindley from her life imprisonment for the Moors Murders. He had originally been offered the lead role of Del Boy in the series, but he turned it down due to other commitments. Also saw Knives Out, which was great fun as a proper classic whodunit. Broadbent voiced Madame Gasket in the 2005 film Robots. Matt: Graham was good, especially in his meeting scene with Pacino, but then again that was Pacino's scene. On the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 97% based on 256 reviews, with an average rating of 8.4/10. And honestly I think Awkwafina is fine, Best Actress is such a thin category this year.Omar: cheers! By the way, I saw Ford v. Ferrari the other day, and man was it... long. It began as a type of flu but it grew progressively worse. Calvin: I prefer not giving thoughts on the cast of Waves, it’s quite difficult writing about it without getting into spoilers. Saw The Irishman in theaters today. Sidan redigerades senast den 10 februari 2020 kl. Well allow me to begin with the first two. It's noticeable, but forgivable. He played "The Shy Doctor" in the 1999 Comic Relief parody Doctor Who sketch, Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death. The Farewell, Endgame, OUATIH, Irishman, JoJo Rabbit and of course, Parasite.Also saw The Irishman. I'm obviously going to get more into specifics relatively soon, but sufficient to say it's one of Scorsese's best with the successive trio of Wolf, Silence and this being quite the accomplishment.Romano - 3.5(Nicely actually adds to the role by bringing the sort of Romano style to some key lines to offer a lot of personality in just a little bit of screen time. That same year he also starred in Cloud Atlas. I'm not as nuts about Frozen as I was when it came out, but I still mostly love it. Dick Pope's period cinematography is always a highlight to any period film that he shoots. The website's critical consensus states: "Topped with bittersweet humor but possessing surprisingly thorny depths, Le Week-End offers a sophisticated, well-acted portrait of late-life struggles and long-term marriage."[14]. Also, Louis: Thoughts on the new Watchmen? RatedRStar:Have not. Han har medverkat i filmer som Brazil, Kulregn över Broadway, Topsy-Turvy, Moulin Rouge!, Iris, Gangs of New York och Berättelsen om Narnia: Häxan och lejonet. Oscar for bedste mandlige birolle (2001) ... James "Jim" Broadbent (født 24. maj 1949) er en engelsk teater-, film- og tv-skuespiller. )Poots - 3.5(It's unfortunate that Winstead didn't play the part, to which Riley Stearns might say "Oh, you really think so?!!! He also starred as the older Logan Mountstuart in the TV adaptation of William Boyd's novel Any Human Heart. Tahmeed:Loved the return of Russ, and the central plotting all worked, particularly Gavin's schemes, with Ross indeed being an easy MVP. Runtime will definitely be a commitment for some, but I found every second to be flawlessly crafted.De Niro - 5Pacino - 5Pesci - 5 (guessing he'll be Louis' win for Supporting)Paquin - 3.5Romano - 4. The production design though is doubly fantastic in granting such beautiful and vivid recreation of both the Victorian areas, theaters, dressing rooms, sitting rooms, whatever you say, but also with the amazing realizations of the stage dressing of the Gilbert/Sullivan productions.

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