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All Rights Reserved. We enjoyed our contacts at hotels, restaurants, stores and sightseeing tours. I was born in Breslau in 1943. My grandmother Helga Duchscherer was born in Wroclaw when it was called Breslau, Germany in 1927. Yes, the Germans, because by establishing the Festung Breslau they signed the death certificate for that city. Much of the town was destroyed. To all those emotionally connected to this city, come as tourists but do not expect to find any traces of the past , such as streets, buildings, plazas, monuments, whatever, they do not exist ! If so, how can I search for any relatives present or/and in the past?

My great grandparents & other relatives stayed in Germany & know nothing of them.

I love that they rebuilt much of the city in the traditional style – sadly so many cities that experienced such destruction lost so much of their history and charm in reconstruction. Forcibly uprooted from their own town of Lwow, the shell-shocked Poles found themselves in a ruined German city, that they were now being told to call home sweet home. The American-Holocaust Museum tried for me, but could not find anything. I have a "Grand Father" clock which was made sometime I believe between 1900-1940. Hope you are I agree with you that the propaganda was very strong and we were taught at school that it was a recovered Polish city. She last lived in Corning California, but, married and raised a family in San Francisco, where I was born.. Hermsdorf could be a small village called now Jarkowice, below Kolbenkamm which is the most eastern part of Riesengebirge. So glad my grandmother left Breslau in 1884 at age 9 or I , none of my cousins would have been born. Finally the city capitulated (the last to do so, four days after Berlin) on May 6th 1945 in a state of absolute ruin. Breslau. Her first husband, Dr. Lawrence Breslau, a psychiatrist, moved the family to Cleveland in 1960. Thank you for all the Breslau postings. I am hoping for some help locating any family I may have from my Grandfather's side of the family. Dubbed 'Festung Breslau' ('Breslau Fortress') by Hitler it was the scene of a brutal siege lasting 14 weeks and that cost the lives of 170,000 civilians, 6,000 German troops and 7,000 Russian troops. They keep their consciences clean with the argument that whereas wrongs were done to many innocent Germans, much worse was done by the Germans to the Poles; and they remind themselves that they too were forcibly and unwillingly uprooted from their homes in Lwow, and by this reasoning they hope both to find empathy from their evicted counterparts, and more importantly to justify their abduction of the city. If she did, it seems like you could find regular German records of her. 5072 WROCLAW As a result the remainder of the German population of Breslau was evicted and forced to relocate within Germany's newly drawn frontiers. Ypres is an enjoyable and historic place to visit. Luckily we left for Northern Germany before the Iron Curtain came down later that year. He was born in Breslau 16 July 1920 (Passport information). He visited the city only once more before he died and was overwhelmed with the welcome received from the Poles. Had Schall relatives (German) in both Rostock and Breslau prior to WW2. Background to Occupying Luxembourg Those living in Luxembourg had I’m his daughter. My Great grandfather came to the USA in the mid 1800's and raised his family in Detroit. go to Urzad Stanu Cywilnego , Wroclaw.... address is :..........Urząd Stanu Cywilnego - Registry Office, Your anger towards the one who destroyed the city of Breslau and indeed created such devastation for millions and generations to come is shared by those who comment here, I am sure, but it seems like it's a human trait to want to feel connected to a past as well as a present. My mother Susanne was born in Breslau in 1929. If you are one of our German readers then you may find the following link useful for tracing Breslau's and her peoples' history: However, underneath today's smiling and dynamic city lurk the shadows of history's wrongs. What about assets? My mum was born in Breslau in 1925 . "erfolgreich". By 1938 the entire Polish community had been forced out of the city, along with two thirds of the Jews. It was German settlers at this time that helped to rebuild the city after it had been sacked by the Mongols and to turn it into a thriving commercial centre. You should read the read the book "Uprooted" by Gregor Thum, it might provide you some answers for Germans who lived in Wroclaw after the war. Their father was called Albert Hoppe (*1874) and the mother was a Mathila Böse. I am sorry (but not really surprised) to see a lot of polish propaganda and lies on this site.

Maybe at shot in the dark but my fathers name was Josef Michael Jedrzejczyc (he might changed the spelling - I don't know) And his mother name was Sofia Sonka. Ypres features heavily in Canadian history, and I’d love to see the place for myself someday, particularly the Menin Gate. That churh is positively massive and so gorgeous. Her parents were Labor Zionist immigrants from western Ukraine who settled in Palestine during the turbulent time of the British Mandate, which governed Palestine after World War I until 1948, when much of that territory became the newly created state of Israel. A peaceful place today.

Happy Travels, My Great-Great Grandparents were born in Breslau. The German name was Am Grossen Wehr? It is good!

The way I understood the point of the article was to offer a link to the lost history. It is truly a testament of survival those that survived. Good luck! !!! If you study the history of eastern Europe prior to WWII, boundaries kept changing due to constant wars between the kings over centuries and then Silesia was given to what is now Poland after WWII.

of course you should go and visit Wraclaw (Breslau) very interesting to do family research,Orbis tourist office might be of some help, also go to the university, the archive room, there are many books there with names and addresses of Germans up to as I remember to 1944 or so, some of the staff speak English also the Catholic or evangelical church might have some informations, you need lots of time for your research, am sure you will find some history, good luck, My grandfather was your Bruno a k.a.

But whereas both parties would openly agree that they must be prepared to move on, the reality is less clearly defined. The only true comment where you are right is you can forgive but never forget! My mother was in Breslau during most of the war. His name at birth was Paul Fritz Manfred Pohla, registered on his birth certificate as from Breslau. The family name was Storek. Very interesting! They left in the organized manner, since the war was over and they did not have to duck their own soldiers killing them for trying to escape. He was born in 1921 and died in 1957 here in Glasgow. It's a bit late for a reply but I just found your message. Good luck , Polonus, Also, you may try the Editor's :). They escaped by train on February 13th, 1945 to Dresden, where their train stopped twice. I recently found an archive photo from WWI.

How does one go about searching since the city of Breslau was completely bombed? From the comments I've red , there are still a few Nazis coming around to play the "blame game" as if the Poles were equally guilty of the "war crimes". I've researched Breslau and found " Breslauer Adreßbücher – Breslau Address Books" and city maps from the 1930s and early 1940s on the internet. Well so were the new settlers. Perhaps that is why these days the Wroclawians genially welcome back the Germans as tourists looking to trace their former homes or those of their forefathers. I will be in Poland for the first time in September 2017 and will be traveling by train from Warsaw to Prague. My father was born in Breslau in 1922, they left in 1938 . I have letters from them to my grandfather and had them translated. I believe our address was 1 Dahlia Strasse. How would I go about finding more on this area to see if they were here? Can anybody give me clues on further searching? What a turbulent history that fine city had over the millennium(s)! We lined up with many others to await the Last Post. That's just for the beginner's and relatively easy reading. Good luck, Polonus. I am searching for info on Schmeigrode (Zmigrodek) where distant distant grandparent came from. Sadly i lost my mum in 2007 , but in August my brother and i are going to Poland to see her homeland . I´m writing on behalf of Karin-Bianca Edelgard Sibylle Schall Lie Vatne, who lives in Norway.

She was so homesick but never went back . It is tremendously rewarding. I know little of the entire history, but intend to look further in our historical ties to Breslau if it is true. s.type = 'text/javascript'; I recently learned more of their flight and live during the war in breslau. Unfortunately, German civilians of all ages faced so much violence and inhuman conditions. Making the right calculated decisions with a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable employees makes all the difference in the world of wholesale gasoline and diesel purchasing. he was jewish. Incredible photos (as always!) The German occupation of Luxembourg in World War I lasted from August of 1914 to November of 1918. From WWII it is Wroclaw. Thank you for the fairness to all parties in this article.

Ich heiße Assmann und mein Vater stammt aus Wroclaw. Can I ask what three languages were those spoken at that times? The ceremony is short but moving. My mother was 20 years old at the time, and she didn't speak of what happened in much detail, as it was very difficult. Do you know how I can find out the Polish name of the street?

My mother was born in Breslau in 1925 and this year i went to see her home city . It is very time consuming. I have little to go on first and last name. Naomi Zeidel was born on April 9, 1932, in what is now Afula, Israel, to Shlomo and Shoshana (Fleischman) Zeidel, who worked in construction.

at 640 thousand ? They ultimately left for Canada and the US in the early 1950s. They could be church, genealogy or government ones. Last name is Adam! I read that most went to the Allied sectors, but she was caught behind the "iron curtain." I was born in Wroclaw in January , 1947 and I am 3/4 German. Interesting. My father was born in 1921. All such great examples of amazing architecture.

I know almost nothing about my fathers history. I have found, regarding some aspects of that history, that you will have to search for, and read several accounts, reconcile those accounts to your own family history, and then you might begin to see a more accurate picture.

Those German civilians that hadn't been killed or evacuated were left at the mercy of the Red Army, for whom 'liberating' the city went hand-in-hand with drunken marauding, rape and pillage. This was the worst of times for my mother. Would a trip to Breslau (Wroclaw) be worth the time, effort and cost? Genetic cleansing was wrong, is wrong and will remain wrong, no matter who does it and why. Nonsense ! It was very interesting to read about Breslau. I am curious about the timeline of the letters. Breslau being in Germany then so I guess one of the language was definitely German, I am a Gierth and the famous cousins are Petra Susan and deceased Heidi, This was really interesting. I believe that Breslau or in surrounding area is where my Mothers side is from.

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