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Adding the line fixes that. Once the image has been fully received, you can play with the options under the Enhancements and Projection menu in order to add false color and enhance the received image. Another home brew QFH antenna constructed out of copper wire is here. A right hand circularly polarized antenna tuned to 137 MHz. For each satellite enter the correct downlink frequency under Dnlink/MHz, e.g. A good guide on DCA antennas, and constructing them can be found in this pdf guide by Gerald Martes (KD6JDJ). Also the Sat plugin doesn’t appear in SDR# either. You probably won't get very good results without a proper satellite antenna such as a QFH or turnstile. A page showing a turnstile antenna for 137 MHz is here.

Goot for terrestrial listening but sats need an antenna that is truly omnidirectional to work unless you are using a motorized tracking setup and a yagi, or doing the same by hand. It can be built in two modes, normal and axial. I’ve been having trouble with the WXtoIMG software recently.

It is available at

You must use a sat friendly antenna such as a turnstile, QFH, eggbeater or equivalent. Since then, the lab complex has been continuously staffed by rotating crews, or expeditions, of American, Russian, Japanese, European and Canadian fliers along with a handful of space tourists. Is there another permissions issue for the two programs?

Go to the Main Tab in Orbitron and click on the Setup button (looks like a crossed hammer and spanner). I’m having the exact same issue. Guys, I have a simple question about the construction of a coax QFH. I have the same problem sometimes… I think there is an option in one of the menus that is something like “slant correction” or something. Thanks.

Download the SDR# Orbitron DDE tracking and scheduler plugin. Thanks for the information. The city you are in should suffice, but you can be more accurate by entering in an exact latitude and longitude if you want. ANTISPAM: What does the 'S' in SDR stand for?

To do this go to Options -> Recording Options, and ensure the correct device is selected under the soundcard option.Also, here you can adjust the "Record only when active APT satellites are overhead" "with maximum elevation above (degrees)" and "record only when satellite is above (degrees)" settings.

I’m also using an older version of SDR# (.1333) which is compatible with XP (dotNET 3.5) and have salvaged several “ancient” single-core, 1 Mb, Pentium M XP laptops ($25 each) for APT receiving systems.

This is based on the AOS settings (on the previous Miscellaneous tab).

RTL-SDR Discussion • To near to the RF sorce? Each satellite has a different frequency. Saludos desde Montevideo.

The RTL-SDR can be used as a wide band radio scanner. RTL-SDR (RTL2832U) and software defined radio news and projects. I live in the uk and I have tried on as many satellite passes (found using wxtoimg) as I can. I think the antenna think is really overstated. Shoul I connect the core and braid of the coax loops together so that both act as conductors, or should I use only the braid, since it’s diameter is closer to the outer diameter of the coax cable? In SDR# ensure you have set the PPM offset correction properly and then press Play and go to the Tracking DDE Client plugin. You can use either windows stereo mix, VB-cable (free) or virtual audio cable (paid with trial version). I keep a generic entry I rename, then I save these plus other commands when I have specific settings to use for a single satellite. I’ve made a few changes to my NOAA RTL SDR APT receiving system. There is also a paid version of WXtoImg which can unlock more features, however it is not required for use with RTL-SDR. Hi, Just retested the plugin and it still seems to work for me. Preparations are ramping up for the Nov. 10 launch of the world's latest sea level satellite.

When a satellite comes into view the scheduler will automatically run the commands written in the AOS text box in the scheduler.

Yet that precaution won’t save the telescope, due to be completed in the late 2020s, from what may soon be overhead: tens of thousands of communications satellites beaming down radio signals straight from the heavens. Atlantic Composites (Increase the elevation if you only want to start tuning to the frequency when the satellite is higher in the sky and thus gives you better reception). NOAA 15 - 137.6200 MHz; NOAA 18 - 137.9125 MHz; NOAA 19 - 137.1000 MHz; An example of a NOAA APT weather satellite signal is shown zoomed in and out on the frequency spectrum directly below and an example audio file of the signal is shown further below. But, with the RTL-SDR adjusting for the Doppler shift is not critical as the filter bandwidth can be simply set larger than 34 kHz (try 36 -40 kHz) so that it is large enough to receive the entire signal even as it as it shifts. SOYUZ BRINGS THREE SPACE STATION FLIERS BACK TO EARTH - One week after two cosmonauts and a NASA astronaut arrived at the International Space Station, the three crew members they’re replacing strapped into their own Soyuz spacecraft, undocked and returned to Earth Wednesday with a landing on the steppe of Kazakhstan to close out a 196-day mission.

If you are too lazy, try it! will be about 50m or so from my home. Pacific Composites. (Source: Business Insider - Oct 22), COMPANY ADVANCES PLAN FOR PRIVATE CITIZEN FLIGHT TO SPACE STATION - Houston-based Axiom Space is negotiating final details of a contract with NASA to fly a private citizen to the International Space Station in 2021.


If this is closed SDR# may still report Orbitron being connected. EDIT: quotation marks in new line should look like all previous ones in plugins file.

When it leaves view it will run the commands in the LOS box. NOAA 5th generation / Polar Operational Environmental Satellites. The TDRS network facilitates around the clock communication access between ground stations and other satellites and the ISS. JPSS, Partner Pages

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Adjust the gain settings in SDRSharp under the Configure button so that you get good reception of the signal. Thanks!

If you have not bought a dongle yet, see the Buy RTL-SDR page for information and the check out the Quickstart Guide for an easy setup routine with SDRSharp. NOAA National Weather Service National Weather Service. Now, the Swedish Space Corporation wants to be the first location north of the Arctic Circle to provide facilities for launching satellites into orbit. Ensure that your antenna has a good unobstructed view of the sky. The NOAA APT weather satellites broadcast their signal at about 137 MHz, and their signals are also right hand circularly polarized (RHCP), which means you will need a right hand circularly polarized antenna to properly receive the signals. Click Yes and then select the SDRSharpDriverDDE.exe file in the SDR# folder. It will then work properly. Celebrating her 42nd birthday, Rubins’ launch came just two weeks before 20th anniversary of the arrival of the station’s first crew on Nov. 2, 2000. Make sure you have an internet connection for the update.

Has anyone else had a similar issue and know what’s going on?

This is the drop down box in the lower right of the panel. Great tutorial! Your statement about the rotation of satellites causing the circular polarization is incorrect.

(Source: BloombergQuint - Oct 16), SOYUZ CREW DOCKS WITH INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION - In a mission marking the end of an era, NASA astronaut and former virus hunter Kate Rubins, using NASA’s last currently contracted seat on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, rocketed into orbit Wednesday with two cosmonaut crewmates on a record-setting flight to the International Space Station.

for NOAA 15 enter 137.62 MHz. More

Click the icon with two windows next to the Driver drop down box and make sure it is pressed in. Estimados:

Thanks in advance. Now you can go to File -> Satellite Pass List, and find a time when a satellite will be passing overhead. AVOID AT ALL COST! Just a couple of minor issues. I have an issues with WXtoimg. because i live in Chile and i don’t know if this works for me. Adjust the volume in SDRSharp and/or Windows volume settings so that the volume bar in the bottom right hand corner of WXtoImg shows a green color. In addition, SDR# is not recognizing the lines added to the plugin.xml file. (Source: NASA - Oct 17), SWEDEN TO LAUNCH SATELLITES FROM SPACE CENTER INSIDE THE ARCTIC CIRCLE - The space center in northern Sweden is mostly known for launching sounding rockets and research balloons. The name in Tracking DDE Client also must match what you are receiving from Orbitron, with underscores for the spaces. (not that i’ve been actively looking for one for three years, just recently had the very same problem;) The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite lifts off Nov. 10 aboard a Falcon 9 rocket that will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Next open WXtoImg, and then set your Ground Station Location, (which is the coordinates of your antenna) by going to Options -> Ground Station Location. It would need to be rotating at nearly the speed of light to do that.

Tracking the solar cycle is a key part of better understanding the sun and mitigating its impacts on human technology and infrastructure. Check to make sure you didn’t accidentally short the antenna somewhere.

Actually , the spin comes from the transmitting antenna, just as a vertical transmitting antenna is best received with a vertical receiving one, the helical antennas also come in two versions Left Hand & Right Hand depending which way they twist.

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