numm episode 2

Amtul’s story. i think many of those clips have just fueled my interest in this drama, though they have also introduced so many questions, concerns and doubts. I still contend that Mahjabeen is at most 10-15 years older (another site suggested she was 30 yrs older). The drama is slow but as it is different in more tab just one way I really enjoy watching it.

And why is Baray Sahab so adamant about Neelum having a righteous place as Wali’s only wife and assuring her of this position? Tonight’s episode was too slow for my liking and the fact that there was a lot of Neelam in this episode …


i actually like this second episode. Episode 2.

We shot 3 short movies back to back for last 3 days and today was footage review day. Though married to Wali, she knows that she is no more than a glorified maid in a family where social hierarchy determines a person’s worth. I am kind of enjoying that.

Fawad kept his end of the equation, After watching the episode 14 of Numm today! Hey SZ- maybe that Noorjehan Bilgrami Kurta will make an appearance? Spotlight.

HAHA! i didnt noticed those heels, have to watch the episode again to see how were they..i was so lost in her poor acting and face expressions . How the equilibrium of their relationship is going to rattle or already is shaken is I feel the crux of the story. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. At first blink of an eye it seems like her and Wali have a cold relationship, however this scene proved beyond doubt that Mahjabeen for Wali is his solace and comfort.

Numb Chucks is a Canadian animated television series that was created by Phil LaFrance and Jamie LeClaire and premiered on YTV in Canada on January 7, 2014. Nas Lyrical Genius,

I think SS is effortless in her role. I really like your theory that once upon a time Majhabeen may have been in love with Wali’s uncle.

She has appeared in Haseena Moin’s soap Saarey Mausam Apne Hain …. oh yes @Annie – what was that dream sequence all about. @Ash: Baray Sahab is on the Wali-Neelam bandwagon b/c Neelam is the “right” bahu for his very “respectable” family, the one he sees as a fitting mother of his grand kids.

Neelum is exactly the type of bahoo the Baksh household needs.

I have been reading so many comments about the slowness and the dullness that I was really wondering if I was losing it!

At the other end of the spectrum is Mahjabeen – a woman of very few words, mature, empathetic, yielding, resigned – everything Neelam is not. They went viral a week or so ago .. check those out….

She is trying which is a good thing, may be it will improve with time, but by that time Neelam ka character bilkul he fana na ho jaye as the character itself is very challenging.

The wedding was swift and we were spared long drawn out scenes of sad rukhsatis. There was little that stood out other then great performances by all actors but I feel we still have so many questions left unanswered. Episode 35. The Wali / Qasim confrontation should have been the most powerful scene but it wasn’t. Doesn’t Imran Khan do the suit jacket over shalwar kameez?

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The whole surrogate mom like figure -changing feelings is a very very dark area so I’m hoping they portray that beautifully in a way that we understand Wali and Majhabeen and not judge them harshly for the decisions they will make eventually. intriguing and well edited with the scene that followed. KORDA UNDERWATER CARP FISHING WATCH ONLINE, COMEDY NIGHTS WITH KAPIL SUNIL GAVASKAR AND SEHWAG.

Saray paisay SILK ki marketing per laga diye. I’m liking neelum’s character, her childish antics and constant taunting made me smile, only problem is the actress isn’t able to do the justice with her role.

Now, they have made it their mission to become just as awesome as their kung-fu mentor. A few more episodes like this one and maybe I will have a reason to change my mind about Numm but the next episode’s preview showed more cat fights so it would probably be back to Neelam and Mahjabeen’s fights and who Wali supports *yawn* ! Rupert Everett,

Mahjabeen sirf vani hai…  My mind went through some questions that I am still looking to answers for: – First of all why on the earth is Neelum, “Aurton ko samajney ki ghalat fehmi mein mat rehna” –Don’t fall into the delusion or trap of trying to understand women “, Barrey Saheb‘s advice to Wali. The episode was very well done, the story is moving in good pace. Clearly, she was worthy of her top position in the univ!!!

SZ, I think for me after the disappointment of Ashk, the other FK movie with the daughter story, and ZGH, I’m really scared to think about grey characters and I’m not sure if the writers will stick to their story or give in to TRP demands.

There is so much packed into those silent glances, ke bas kya kehne!!

We all love to read and write lamba lamba, so you’re among friends here , Yes, I agree Kanza’s acting leaves a lot to be desired .. but i guess we’ll just have learn to live with it , Oh yes, excellent observation about Neelam’s mother and her comment .. but I have to say after that comment I see why Neelam is as crazy as she is .. Maa ko bhi kuch khaas sense nahin hai … did she forget that this woman is being tested to her limits? Hello. Haha yes!

Just the look in his eyes say so much. I’m thinking that Mahjabeen was in love with Jehangir’s brother, Wali’s uncle, and due to whatever bad blood, the brother was murdered leading to the feud. I think the horrible back ground score has more to do with conveying that scary effect … I failed to notice the beige shoes and neelum’s heels but her other clothes are crying out to be changed!! CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE SEASON PASS ATLAS GORGE MAPS.RAR. In terms of editing, the second installment began with an abrupt jump from the first episode. @heela: LOL, you forgot Khirad’s ego problems and how she refused to eat peanuts that he offered her??

The ring looks perfect on FK! ( Log Out / 

@Nur: Thoroughly enjoyed your reading of the characters and your thoughts on where the story might go from here. Hola ladies long time..FK always manages to rekindle my addiction to this place! From the humsafar times we’ve grown accustomed to watching his black, white and red T-shirts and now I guess we’re going to get a fair share of his leather jackets ( which he loves btw since he’s been wearing them to many concerts in 2012 :p) as for the shoes, Sadaf does need a credit for allowing him for some new stuff to add to his wardrobe.

Very few lines for Wali and Mahjabeen and yet every glance is a window into their emotions, their pain, their history.

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