opening to thx vhs

FX/SFX: The trailer itself, and the animation involving Shrek and Donkey.

Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Print date: 9/21/03 List of contents: 1. bumper, "Disney's One Saturday Morning" ABC promo, 1991 Lilac Blue "Feature Presentation" logo, 1994 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo, THX Broadway "Lucasfilm Ltd." logo (1984-2006). Everything is in slow motion for a split-second, and then the two trails quickly charge towards the THX logo and reveal it. Distributor: Columbia/Tristar Home Video Print date: 1/24/96 List of contents: 1. It originally seemed to use a different font as well as text. Sweet Home Alabama trailer 7. FBI Warning screen 2. It is then revealed that the space station is in the shape of the THX logo, which becomes a more traditional silver color. Theatrical Preview bumper 3. TURN IT UP!". FX/SFX: The sphere, as well as it shattering, the thunder, the shards liquifying and merging, the blue box being drawn, and the text fading. The THX logo shines. The Muppet Movie trailer 9. All Dogs go to Heaven Activity Center CD-rom promo 6. THX logo 13.

He flies to a lifeless THX logo, opens a hatch, and then pulls some sort of cable from it. Music Video (not shown due to copyright) 4. This can be found on the THX Calibrator disc, 3D movies in cinemas and 3D Blu-ray releases, like the 3-disc special edition 3D Blu-ray of Avatar. Format screen 8.

MGM/UA Copyright screen 2. Opening to Lady and the Tramp 1998 VHS [True HQ] Print date August 27, 1998 Release date September 15, 1998 Whats interesting is that Lady in the Tramp was critically panned in 1955, then in an instant, it becomes a classic rofl. This was only seen in THX theaters in 2003; licensing issues have probably prevented this trailer from being used again, as THX doesn't own the rights to the clips featured. Music/Sounds: The Deep Note (the descending part at first with it falling over), the instruments, and the dialogue.

Opening to Anastasia 1998 VHS ... video, Film & Animation, DVD Opening, VHS update for, VHS/DVD update for, DVD menu... VHS Tape Logos and Openers. The Naughty Chip and Dale trailer (in Spanish) 7. Indiana Jones trilogy trailer 5. Feature Presentation bumper 13. *1 denotes Skywalker Sound title *2 denotes THX-certified title. The lower notes grow deeper, and the higher voices grow more shrill, becoming an ascending dramatic sound until the sounds stop in one pitch. MPAA rating screen 7. Chicken Little trailer 4.

MGM/UA Family Entertainment trailer 4. 20th Century Fox logo Source: Uploader: Devinnytroy.

After the text fades out the trailer continues as normal until the THX logo zooms in to the screen. Distributor: MGM/UA Home Video Print date: 8/14/94 List of contents: 1. The light dims, and then brightens a bit. During the rapid pitch change, the clashing pitches of the lower synths cause a "rumbling" sound as the Deep Note gets louder, and the final pitch gets louder and louder as more and more synths join them at the final chord. Being John Malkovich trailer 10. Mulan trailer (in Spanish) 8. As the environment illuminates, we see that the sphere is barely hovering over a textured blue floor. WWW.THX.COM and the copyright at the bottom appear. The trailer's first theatrical appearance was before Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

A few seconds later, the THX logo in silver appears, The blue rectangle outline fades out, and "LUCASFILM LTD. SOUND SYSTEM" appears above and below, respectively. Distributor: Walt Disney Home Entertainment Print date: 10/17/02 List of contents: 1. Paramount Pictures logo Source: Uploader: Devinnytroy, Distributor: Dreamworks Home Entertainment Print date: 4/20/02 (275T copy) List of contents: 1. Scooby-Doo Video game Promo 9. The Land Before Time Videos trailer 2. 20th Century Fox Selections promo 3. There's Something About Mary/Me, Myself and Irene/Say It Isn't So trailer 4. Source: Uploader: Devinnytroy, Distributor: Paramount Home Video Print date: 24/2002 List of contents: 1.

Pokemon the First Movie trailer (not shown due to copyright) 6. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo 2.

On DVD or LaserDisc releases, the message from the Laserdisc variant of Broadway (see above) "Mastered and Duplicated for Optimal Audio and Video Performance" appears without the blue rectangle outline. Possibly seen in theaters too. FBI Warning Screen 9. This ends with a less noisy and less scary version of the 2005 Deep Note, accompanied by the swoosh. Ghosts of the Abyss trailer 8. Distributor: Walt Disney Home Entertainment Print date: 12/17/04 List of contents: 1. That said, it can be seen on select Demo DVDs and at THX's official website (plus Vimeo and YouTube). Thunderbirds trailer 6. It later fills up with metallic material, making it look normal. Horton then turns to the audience, winks and then goes off-screen. Universal Pictures Logo Source: Uploader: Devinnytroy. Daredevil trailer 9. The Out-of-towners (1999) trailer 4. Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo Source: Uploader: Devinnytroy, Distributor: Paramount Home Video Print date: 32/2000 List of contents: 1.

THX officially stands for "Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment". 4K releases show the THX 4K logo instead of the "Audience is Listening" phrase. Coming Soon to own on DVD and Video bumper 8. DVD menu 9. Trailer: We see a pitch black screen (a la the 1983 "Broadway" trailer), then we see the text "Let's see it in" appearing in separate words zooming in the center of the screen. Trailer: In a darkly-lit environment, we zoom in toward a glassy blue sphere, which has clouds rolling and lightning flickering. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh trailer (in French) 4. trailer 6. The camera continues to zoom out, revealing that Tex is aboard a star cruiser of some sort. FBI Warning screen 2. Coming Soon to Video and DVD bumper 6. The Dolby Digital variant was seen in THX theaters from 1995-2000. Trailer: We see Tex the robot from the previous trailer, as he appears out of nowhere right in front of us. Coming Soon on Videocassette and DVD bumper 5.

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