out of the burning darkness read aloud

Structure: The text is mainly chronological. Make a Plan for Reading (5 minutes) Before students start to read, walk them through a reading plan: Set a purpose for reading: By explaining to students that they will find text evidence in “Out of the Burning Darkness” that shows the dangers of working in the Cherry Mine. Knowledge Demands: The text discusses an era when many kids worked under dangerous conditions. Access this article and hundreds more like it with a subscription to Action magazine. Point out the vocabulary box. text evidence, text features, vocabulary, central idea and details, inference, author’s craft, drawing conclusions, critical thinking, narrative writing. Purpose: The story describes a fire in a coal mine in the early 1900s and its consequences. Tell students that as they finish each section, they should think about how the text features on the page (e.g., photos, captions, and section headings) relate to what they’ve just read. Subscribers receive access to the website and print magazine. Then ask them to complete the sentences below to check for understanding. Based on the title of the story and the image, what do you think the accident was? As a class, discuss students’ answers and the, how it felt to realize there was a fire in the mine, what it was like to be told to go back to work, what people said about the shaft being closed, A place where coal is removed from deep in the earth is called a ___. Tell them to keep the. Check back soon for more announcements and tutorials. Once they understand it well, discuss the following close-reading and critical-thinking questions. Pre-teaching this vocabulary will help students read the article more fluently and answer the Pause and Think questions with more confidence. Include details like: Pre-teach vocabulary to make the article more accessible. Critical-Thinking Questions (10 minutes), An enrichment activity to extend the learning journey at home or in the classroom, Retelling a story from a different point of view is a powerful way to deepen understanding. Read the words (, Point out the activity at the end of the story, and tell students they will complete it after reading. Begin by reviewing these vocabulary words: coal mine, shaft, mule, tunnel. Look at the sidebar on page 12 and read its title, “What Is Coal?” What do you already know about coal? Haven't signed into your Scholastic account before? Read the title and the subtitle on page 9 and look at the image on pages 8-9. What can you infer about the  lives of the children in the photographs? It includes narrative and informational passages. ... Find the audio read-aloud in your Resources tab. (coal mine), When you take an elevator, you’re traveling up or down a ___. Have students work in pairs to complete the text evidence activity at the end of the story. Difficult words are defined in the vocabulary box. By Kristin Lewis. The article contains words related to coal mines that may not be familiar to ELLs. Check out the Action At Home page for our favorite stories and tools to kick off your year. You may instruct students to look up definitions and images online. Lesson Plan: Out of the Burning Darkness. The article is written from the third-person point of view, meaning that the person telling the story is not in the story. Â.

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