phylum of tiger

Tony the Tiger is a famous mascot for Kellogg's breakfast cereal Frosted Flakes, known for its catchphrase "They're Gr-r-reat!". Cubs weigh from 780 to 1,600 g (1.72 to 3.53 lb) each at birth, and are born with eyes closed. Females lactate for five to six months. [50] The female gives birth in a sheltered location such as in tall grass, in a dense thicket, cave or rocky crevice.

The local maharaja started breeding tigers in the early 1950s and kept a white male tiger together with its normal-coloured daughter; they had white cubs. [82] Radio-collared tigers in Chitwan National Park started dispersing from their natal areas earliest at the age of 19 months. They range in size from 33 to 155,829 km2 (13 to 60,166 sq mi). During this period the family was joined by two adult females and one adult male, all offspring from Padmini's previous litters, and by two unrelated tigers, one female the other unidentified. Territory disputes are usually solved by displays of intimidation rather than outright aggression.

Other physical defects include cleft palate and scoliosis.

[119][123] The WWF subsequently declared that the world's count of wild tigers had risen for the first time in a century. Historical records in Iran are known only from the southern coast of the Caspian Sea and adjacent Alborz Mountains. The tiger (Panthera tigris) is the largest extant cat species and a member of the genus Panthera. [112][113] With relatively abundant prey, tigers and leopards were seen to successfully coexist without competitive exclusion or interspecies dominance hierarchies that may be more common to the African savanna, where the leopard exists with the lion.

Most man-eating tigers are old, missing teeth, and unable to capture their preferred prey. Females also use these "scrapes", as well as urine and scat markings. [94][51] They also prey on other predators, including dogs, leopards, pythons, bears, and crocodiles. The tiger populations on the Sunda Islands and mainland Asia were possibly separated during interglacial periods. [75] In Thailand, it lives in deciduous and evergreen forests. This was a borrowing of Classical Greek τίγρις 'tigris', a foreign borrowing of unknown origin meaning 'tiger' as well as the river Tigris. In either sex, the tail represents about 0.6 to 1.1 m (24 to 43 in) of the total length. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? They have thick stripes close together so that the background colour is barely visible between stripes. & Myslenkov, A.I. Records in Central Asia indicate that it occurred foremost in Tugay riverine forests along the Atrek, Amu Darya, Syr Darya, Hari, Chu and Ili Rivers and their tributaries. The pupils are circular with yellow irises. [90], Male tigers are generally more intolerant of other males within their territories than females are of other females. The following websites have well researched and authoritative information on tigers: Preview The Secret Lives of Big Cats filmed using high tech starlight and thermal imaging night cameras to capture previously unrecorded behavior.

They were smaller than mainland tiger fossils, possibly due to insular dwarfism. It was found to have similar repeat composition to other cat genomes and an appreciably conserved synteny.

[36] The Wanhsien, Ngandong, Trinil, and Japanese tigers became extinct in prehistoric times. Other cats may also have stripes on parts of their coats but markings will also include spots, rosettes or blotches.

The sub-species of the tiger include the p. t. tigris, p. t. corbetti, p. t. jacksoni, p. t. sumatrae, p. t. altaica, p. t. amoyensis, p. t. virgata, p. t. balica, p. t. sondaica and the p. t. trinilensis.

[196] The seals of several Chola copper coins show the tiger, the Pandyan emblem fish and the Chera emblem bow, indicating that the Cholas had achieved political supremacy over the latter two dynasties.

[18] Litters consist of two or three cubs, rarely as many as six.

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