rinnegan vs sharingan

lol, really? Limbo clone ends this well before that, besides Moon sized CT takes care of PS. Which means you can easily out last a shriangan user and massive speed amp. @allhellkingdox: Rinnigan user can literally close his eyes and limbo clones kill the Shairgan user who can't sense/see them. wasn't rinnegan bluntly stated it was stronger then the sharigan and the successor of sharigan? fam....it wouldn't even matter at all what feat you put for them. Susano'o: Most likely the most powerful of the Mangekyo's techniques, it is basically a giant etheral warrior to create an incredibly destructive offense coupled with a nigh impenetrable defense, Kamui: Grants the user the ability to warp objects to another dimension. It is characterised by red sclerae and irides, with a ripple pattern spreading over the eyeball and nine tomoe. the only way they can hit a Genjutsu is Izanami which is a contact since Itachi touched Kabuto to cast that one. All of Rinne Sharingan attacks are Kekai Mora and has the power to switch between dimensions and other OP stuff. I think Rinniegan has more than enough to beat Sharigan. You take sharingan away from sasuke and he still has amazing lightning and fire manipulation. Rinnegan. ), - Still can't attack without Losing his Pseudo Intangibility. Almighty push could also deal with a sussanoo. Doesn't need to sense limbo when the sharingan user is always intangible or has perfect susanoo up so pointless. Sharingan main thing is illusions, it also improves stats and speed reactions but still a far cry from Rinnegan. When a character has a double rinnegan, his abilities far exceed the double sharingan .. that was Sound Genjutsu learn the difference LMFAO. The Rinne Sharingan (輪廻写輪眼, Literally meaning: Saṃsāra Copy Wheel Eye) is a dōjutsu kekkei mōra and the predecessor to the Rinnegan and Sharingan. Nagato could barely create a boulder with his Rinnegan. Damn that is so tough but id say the sharingan due to kamui. @mygod101: hiding has 0 to do with anything nice try though sound genjutsu worked because the rinnegan is vulnerable to genjutsu periode as a matter of fact post a single scan of anyone or anything stating rinnegan can see through genjutsu im waiting. Then kamui snips their face off. If someone could explain the pros to having a rinnegan, thanks! that was with Six paths Chakra we don't know how well that ability would work without Six path chakra and like I said a fodder member of the akaskai was able to dodge kamui. Taijutsu is completely useless, deva path would murderstomp. Since its a composite character, and you assume the limbo would be used by the strongest Rinnegan users, the same could be said for Sasukes perfect amped Susanoo in his final battle against Naruto. Not to mention rinnegan user can send a limbo there that would be invisible. Tobi reveal) you most likely wouldn't want to see them. Not to mention higher chakra reserves. Also kotoamatuski is not a visual based genjutsu and we don't even know if rinnegan has immunity to sound genjutsu. Intangible while sniping shits on rinnegan. Rinnegan is just far too hax. it does because he needed prep time for that and it didn't require sight to work. Genuinely never heard about the chakra boost, I just thought you needed huge reserves to use the eyes. Depends on the application of the user, Sharingan has more of a wow factor and it's precog is superior. it says that hagoromo was born with the Rinne Sharingan in its completed evolved form= the Rinnegan this implies that Kaguya's Rinne Sharingan was incomplete and as such this means that hagoromo's Rinnegan is also a Rinne Sharingan. He can just send a clone there lol. Or being mind controlled by K.A. Based on what? so you are just assuming that the sharingan user is going to know that Limbo is there and just kamui away before anything happens? Sasuke and itachi only got out of it with help from each other take away sasuke and itachi loses that battle. The Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha, Sharingan is the eye that is awakened through a strong emotion or trauma. genjutsu- none of it will work on rinnegan, rinnegan was capable to even break infinite tsukuyomi with enough chakra. His Rinnegan has six tomoe split between its first two ripples. Kamui - gets exploited as rinnegan user can teleport into kamui dimension by using space time ninjutsu. = Rinne Sharingan. Can you explain the difference? Amaterasu - useless ninjutsu any rinnegan user can absorb it, momoshikis rinnegan can absorb it and counter with more intensity. @allhellkingdox: Like I said no matter what the Shairgan does it gets teleport haxed and ends up killing themselves. Counter to Limbo? Kamui can't counter what they can't see. orthey can use Soul dragon which bypass Susanoo durability. Susanoo- rinnegan user breaks it casually. That makes it sound like anyone with a sharingan can obtain the rinnegan. Kamui, perfect susanoo, Izanagi, kotoamatuski, shits on limbo, and ameno. Asura Path: A path that can use mechanical equipment to it's advantage, essentially the Robot path. So, this is debatable but we have to assume that is the case. But you take nine tails away from naruto and he still has sage mode. Sasuke is still able … He can't sense Limbo clone and now it's right behind him, that's instant death. The other hand the rinnegan was under complete hypnosis mind and body they were not able to see what was going in reality implying the dojutsu cannot see the real world but whatever illusion the caster wants them to see. Uninformed people should also read more to avoid spreading the Misconception that an (Inferior Space-Time Ability) such as Kamui is on the same level as an (Vastly Superior Space-Time Ability) such as Amenotejikara.

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