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It is unique because of its stunning beauty and the way the water falls. Once the war was over and the Central Powers were left smoldering, the allies recompensed Romania with several former Hungarian territories, including the notorious, vampire-infested region of Transylvania. North and west of these ranges lies the Transylvanian plateau, and to the south and east are the plains of Moldavia and Walachia. When Romanian troops entered the fray, they opened up a new line of offense along the Transylvania border. Subjection to the first Bulgarian Empire (8th–10th century) brought Eastern Orthodox Christianity to the Romanians. Infoplease knows the value of having sources you can trust. She boasts several gold Olympic medals and is part of the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. His system would only cost around $4,000, and rivals the self-driving car that tech juggernaut Google is developing—with their billions of dollars and nearly infinite resources. In February 2012, after weeks of protests, Prime Minister Emil Boc resigned. Romania is a hidden gem, located in southeastern Europe. Stefan Odobleja is now considered to be the “Father of Cybernetics”. 29. A country of captivating stories, unique sites, beautiful scenery and amazing personalities, Decebal's statue carved on the Danube bank | © Janos Korom Dr. / Flickr. 31. Romanian inventor Traian Vuia was the first European to build and fly a fully self-propelled, fixed-wing ‘automobile airplane in March 18, 1906. Member of Parliament cited Boc's failure to pull the country out of recession. 36. In 1918, at the end of World War I, the union of Romania with Bukovina was ratified in 1919 in the Treaty of Saint Germain, and some of the Allies recognized the union with Bessarabia in 1920 through the never ratified Treaty of Paris. His work appeared ten years before Norbert Wiener’s ideas were printed. Prime Minister Ponta and his Social Liberal Union accused Basescu of violating the Constitution and being a dictator. Cigarette smuggling is an incredibly lucrative business, as a single hand-rolled cigarette coming in from neighbor Ukraine could retail for up to half a Euro in Romania (about 70 cents). The new labor laws were made official on January 1st, 2011, and now the services offered by these black-magic afficionados are considered professional trades. 19. The village was built in the 18th century by the Swabians, German colonists who settled in the country. Prime Minister Ungureanu promised to focus on reforms and maintaining the country's economic stability despite the ongoing political crisis. But there is more to Romania than that. Emil Constantinescu of the Democratic Convention Party was president from 1996–2000. 10. 18. Not limited to simple witches, the new tax looks to draw in revenue from all practitioners of the occult, including fortune tellers, who, having failed to see this coming, have proven themselves to be less than adept at their jobs. On December 15, Stolojan withdrew from the race and Emil Boc was named prime minister. Bigar Cascade Falls in Caras … Soprano Alma Gluck – the first lyrical artist to sell one million records – was born in Bucharest, Romania on May 11, 1884. Later Basescu nominated Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu as Boc's permanent replacement. However, two years later, on June 19, 2014, Basescu announced he was ending his presidency due to a corruption scandal. Arafat was reinstated and plans for the proposal were shelved, but the protests continued. In the region, there is a whole competition around the marvellous wooden churches, some of them inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as secular expressions of the region’s architecture. Ponta had ignored all previous calls for his resignation. Built on 12 storeys, the monument has 1,100 rooms. Basescu returned to office on Aug. 27, 2012. History . The accusation came even though the Romanian prime minister has more power than the president. 9. Here are 15 fascinating facts about Romania. It will encourage me to write more natural treatments that are cheap and effective! Ponta's governing coalition also fired the speakers in both chambers of Parliament, a move which the opposition deemed unconstitutional. The Bigăr Waterfall located in the Anina Mountains was included in the World Geography’s top of ’Unique Waterfalls Around the World’ thanks to the peculiar way the water falls in tiny streams over moss-covered rocks. Romania is a fascinating country that you probably don’t know much about. (We know it by the name of Colchester.) 4. Arafat resigned earlier in January over a government proposal to partly privatize the country's medical emergency-response system. The Astra Museum of Folk Civilisation is an open-air museum located next to Sibiu, displaying more than 300 traditional houses, watermills, windmills, gigantic presses for wine, fruit and oil, stables and barns, giving visitors the feeling of wandering around a traditional village. I am romanian and I am proud of it…thank you for your informative article and good luck in your upcoming articles? A new law in Romania has the country’s “black mages” furiously protesting over a new tax that seeks to give the government a cut of the money made through witchcraft and sorcery. ), Ethnicity/race: Romanian 83.4%, Hungarian 6.1%, Roma (Gyspy) 3.1%, Ukrainian 0.3%, German 0.2%, other 0.7%, unspecified 6.1% (2011 est.). From the 3rd to the 12th century, wave after wave of barbarian conquerors overran the native Daco-Roman population. Romania subsequently signed the Axis Pact on Nov. 23, 1940, and the following June joined in Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, reoccupying Bessarabia. 25. Many people drink today Illy coffee, with many an Italian claiming espresso as part of their national heritage. #viatalasat #sibiu #hermannstadt #muzeulastra #muzeulastrasibiu #dumbravasibiului #casutaolarului #acasadeodinioara, A post shared by Olimpia Iridon (@olimpiairidon) on Jun 4, 2017 at 10:19pm PDT. During the US Presidential Campaign, Senator Bernie Sander’s declared that “Today, people living in Bucharest, Romania have access to much faster internet than most of the US.” According to, Romania has a peak internet speed of 58.7 Mbps, which makes it the 7th nation with fastest internet in the world, compared to the US where peak connection speeds are about 48.8 Mbps, placing it 17th. This graveyard presents a very unusual and different way to look at death. This was due to former Romanian general Ion Antonescu operating under Nazi influence—until he was deposed by King Michael. Satul rotund, Charlottenburg, 30aprilie2016. It made me really want to visit to learn and see more of this country. The Romanian language is 1,700 years old. The statue of Dacian king Decebal, carved in the rocky bank of the Danube River, is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe (135 feet tall).

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