ron paul 2008 primary

Artists in Texas and other states created homemade signs[233] in support of Paul's candidacy. Paul's December campaign contributions rose to over $7.1 million and the Q4 campaign contributions rose to over $17 million as a result of this push. [232], Paul supporters created a number of songs in support of him. Republican candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaigned for the nomination of their party in a series of primary elections and caucus events.[7]. Unlike the Democratic Party, which mandates a proportional representation for delegate selection, the Republican Party has no such limitation. [35] This was a key endorsement, as California was one of the Super Tuesday states and had more delegates than any other state. But in the end McCain narrowly won by 14,743 or 3%, putting McCain as the frontrunner in Florida. On January 7, 2007, many of these volunteers worked at polling stations across the state and later held a party which he attended and spoke. [57], After Romney left the race in February, leaving John McCain strongly favored to win the nomination, Paul e-mailed his supporters on February 8 and stated that he was refactoring his presidential campaign to be "leaner and tighter" and would devote a significant portion of his time specifically to his campaign for reelection to the U.S. House, representing Texas's 14th congressional district, where Paul is being challenged for the Republican nomination by Friendswood mayor pro tem Chris Peden. [29] In an interview about the results of the straw poll, fellow candidate Mike Huckabee, who placed second, said that Ron Paul was the candidate most likely to overtake him nationally, saying, "I'm keeping an eye on him."[30]. He received over 47,000 votes, giving him the eighth-highest popular vote total in the election.[18]. [182] The SIPP index, a site that claims to track how candidates connect with voters, had him ranked #3 out of all of the candidates in the 2008 primary when he dropped his bid. [181] After March 2008 Paul's site traffic as measured by Hitwise trailed that of McCain, Clinton, and Obama. [45][46][47] Louisiana was much closer, but Huckabee won there as well, beating McCain by less than one percentage point. [55], On February 14, Mitt Romney officially endorsed McCain and asked his approximately 280 delegates to support him at the national convention. He began to appeal to disaffected conservatives, saying: "We share the common principles and values and ideas for the future of this country based on a fundamental conservative political philosophy, which has been my record. [141], Mississippi held their Republican primary on March 11, 2008. Romney: 27 visits, 39 days, 132 public events, Rep. Tancredo: 14 visits, 28 days, 38 public events (dropped out 12/20/07), Sen. Thompson: 6 visits, 8 days, 12 public events, Edwards: 66 Hanover St., Suite 201C, Manchester, Kucinich: 788 Elm Street, Manchester (above the Merrimack Restaurant), Richardson: 545 Hooksett Road, Unit #17, Manchester, NH 03104, Phone: (603) 296-9670, McCain: Waumbec Mill, 250 Commercial Street, Suite 3007, Manchester, Tancredo: Waumbec Mill, 250 Commercial Street, Manchester, Biden: Jim Ryan, NH Chair; Heidi Mitchell, Deputy State Director; Evan Carlson, Press Secretary; Steve Shurtleff, Merrimack County Field Director; Bill Hatch, Regional Field Director for the North Country, Clinton: Nick Clemons, State Director; Sarah Nolan, Political Director; Tracey Lewis, State Field Coordinator; Kathleen Strand, Press Secretary; Liz Purdy, "a senior advisor", Dodd: Sean Downey, Political Director; Steve Gerencser, State Director; Dana Kelly, Field Director; Bryan DeAngelis, Press Secretary; Maura Keefe, Senior Advisor; Joe Keefe, State Co-Chair, Dave Lang State Co-Chair, Edwards: Beth Leonard, State Director; James Katz, Political Director, Gravel: Elliott Jacobson, New Hampshire State Director/National Field Director; Jon Kraus, Campus Coordinator; Jim Dupont, Scheduler, Kucinich: Michael Klein, National Campaign Manager; Pat Frisella, NH Media / Communications, Obama: Matt Rodriguez, State Director; Mike Cuzzi, Deputy State Director; Rob Hill, Field Director; Leslie Miller, Communications Director; Reid Cherlin, Press Secretary, Richardson: Janis Hahn, Statewide Director; State Rep. Daniel McKenna (Derry), Political Director; Alex Goepfert, Spokesman; Co-Chair NH State Representative Candace Bouchard (Concord), Co-Chair Democratic Activist Dick Bouley (Concord), Co-Chair Former NHDP State Chair Jeff Woodburn (Whitefield), Co-Chair Former NH Commissioner of Labor Jim Casey (Dover), Giuliani: Wayne Semprini, Chairman; Jennifer Hallowell, Executive Director; David Tille, Campaign Manager; Jeff Grappone, Press Secretary; B. David Chesley, Field Director, Huckabee: Cliff Hurst, Co-Chairman; Fred Bamante, Co-Chairman; Deb Vanderbeek, Campaign Manager, Hunter: Bob Bevill, State Director; Bernie Dolan, Deputy State Director, McCain: Peter Spaulding, Co-Chairman; Nancy Merrill, Co-Chairwoman; Jim Barnett, Campaign Manager; Sarah Crawford, Deputy Campaign Manager; Bryan Bernys, Field Director; Crystal Benton, Press Secretary, Paul: Jared Chicoine, Field Director; Jordan Brown; Kate Rick, Communications Director, Romney: Bruce Keough, Chairman; Jim Merrill, Director; Jamie Burnett, Political Director; Craig Stevens, Press Secretary, Tancredo: Shelly Uscinski, Campaign Manager; Tim Easson, Eric Green, F. Thompson: Christopher Wood, Political Director; Bill Cahill, advisor, Biden: Rep. Jim Ryan (Franklin), Committee to Elect House Democrats Chairman; Ron Pieper, Milford Democratic Town Chair; Mayor Eileen Dondero Foley (Portsmouth); Mary Carey Foley, activist, teacher (Portsmouth); Joe Russell, Stratham Planning Board; Steve Arnold, Detective.

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