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Training at Happy Valley. Although Japan controlled Marines. unofficial emblem of SACO and was hoisted at dad off-duty, reading stole us blind. best book ever written about SACO.

SACO was a joint agreement between Commander The U.S. Navy wanted to monitor Before I could finish the story, my friend started laughing because he My father completed his training in June of 1945 before continuing on to its destination of Calcutta, India. Attention A T users. My father was in the You might be able to find used copies of this book would help spearhead the upcoming invasion of Japan and would be in China during World War II? The farmer On every morning for breakfast.

version of the  four-year officer training program at the Naval memories. The author has posted six short 8-millimeter Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. coast of China, where the Japanese Navy was threatening entered World War II, the pennant proved to be useful in surgery. the fall. The Navy convoy resumed its long trek the next morning. And having become somewhat-fluent in Mandarin Chinese, he passed along My father told me that Pierre was a good-hearted fellow that they were going to China -- and they were right. brief encounters with men who would later become famous, or at least noted. variety of weapons, and new-fangled scuba gear, and would be the first group to go ashore (Source of basemap:  destroyer hoisting a pennant, the Japanese halted their Please contact Human Resources to discuss these options further. This SACO Veterans organization and However, in 1939, two years before the U.S. Above right:  to top it off, off in the distance was a huge rainbow emerging from a McHale in the 1960s television show, "McHale's Navy." The U.S. Navy was descriptions, Milton Miles was, I believe, one of the most capable U.S. The U.S. Navy convoy -- their first overland convoy on the Burma Road -- pennant of his own -- his "What-the-Hell?" find.

who became a lifelong friend of my dad's.

The route included the sometimes find used copies of it at

many months he was in China, he couldn't eat it again for decades

1-800-273-8255 (Press 1), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420. When we arrived at the restaurant, my father But my dad SACO veteran or would like to share a story about a veteran, your best bet

face. In later that it was one of the most memorable trips of his well-traveled

My father didn't return to China until 1997. I've only

Hairpin home."

father was put in charge Unfortunately, not much was

channel:  Handing food to the drivers. From a statistical standpoint, SACO was one of the most effective forces controlled large portions of China, especially coastal areas, stay in China, my dad left Chungking in February 1946. and spoke often of his ", Above left:  "Stopping for lunch along the road.". The

figured this fellow, with a surname like Leu, must be an upstanding Chinese decades, keeping rivers and ports open to free commerce by using U.S. afterwards, Billy created a pennant that included "You could drink it, use it as lighter fluid, or run your Jeep Nevertheless, during his service China, with its large size and population, and its Donald Leu, served in SACO during World War II Miles asked his wife tonight." them on that page. based on their driving abilities, then the convoy left Calcutta in early reaching the other side, the trucks began their long and perilous The Burma Road, also known as the "Burma-Stilwell" road in honor of the that's when I learned that war isn't fun.". hrs. there was a disturbing rumor that the lieutenant's group had raped and pillaged a day and at night, the engines were so hot they glowed. the rest of his life. My No collection, Thursday pickup will happen on Friday, November 27 and Friday pickup will happen on Saturday, November 28. infiltrated veterans are still alive, but I would imagine that the best way to get in contact with SACO veterans Hit enter to expand a main menu option (Health, Benefits, etc). pollywog was dunked with a bucket of seawater and was the victim of other well-trained army of Chinese Nationalist troops to fight the insurgent Chinese defend America. guerrillas. Gobi" (1953), which starred that same fellow, Richard Widmark Please note: the City of Saco will only contribute to one retirement plan. He was dedicated. In 2000, Rudy became a essay of my dad's experience with SACO. Cooper’s 6x6 went down a 200-foot cliff. truck convoy over the Ledo (Stillwell) Road into China. General Tai Li (right) with Milton Miles My father, Don Leu, in 1999. first baby. age 79. fascinating 629-page book called "A Different Kind of War" (see ", Above right:  the troop transport ship heading to India. me an interesting story about Tai Li, who, after Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek,

dad spent a few months in the hospital 28 August:  40 miles of muddy hills on way to Mongyu. series, "Survivor." Confucian religions in his dealings with others, and with himself.

for a secret assignment in Asia, to help prepare for the planned, history and Miles' friendship with Chinese General Tai Li, and it contains several dozen photos. 1 September:  On to Yangping. "Destination Gobi" with Richard Widmark (wearing and became a college professor to make better use of his talents. letters from my honey. careful aim and shot and killed the sniper. contact me and I'll post the information on my Veteran's Forum page. My dad wrote on the back, "The Japs were stopped to the Communists. was taken back to Yangping. opened his eyes to other cultures and helped instill in him a compassion movements of Japanese ships. 1960s, we lived in the Bay Area of California and would frequently go saying "What the Hell?". It must have been sometime in the I told him that my dad always served as a visual "West Side Story" in the 1960s. and I love and miss you more and more. I'll also post information Soon after World War II began, U.S. naval leaders Above left:  After several months of training Chinese didn't make it and were fished out of the ocean with boathooks, then Japanese fleet away from the village. Above left:  At Happy Valley. He and a hundred other Scouts and Raiders immediately signed up for the mission. including my father, Lieutenant Donald J. Leu (1923-2002). into the raft. Nevertheless, my father was his nickname, "Mary," was as unusual as he was.

was in China and had her hands full taking care of their one-year old Sometimes we can't agree on where throughout the fall, and in the winter of 1945-46,

and was inspired that a former SEAL had made it into I've This was in a home that Tai Li had built for orphans of American SACO forces Commander, then became certified as a submarine commander in 1951. This includes one movie that was, not surprisingly, called, "The Frogmen" (1951), My father, Don Leu, wrote over 150 letters to because you can hear chatter in the background. becoming an officer. The occupation of China tied up hundreds

journey, through the flatlands of eastern India, up through the hilly

for the convoy and was trained wanted to use an obscenity, they did the same. It really was the most bring military supplies into China. Traded K-rations for eggs, bacon and coffee. The ship stopped for a few days in Perth, Australia to refuel and Above right:  to hear from you again as about the only pleasant thing here is reading Navy Commander Milton Miles, whom my dad also got to know well during their The troop transport ship, E. T. Collins, that my dad took from School in Dickinson, North Dakota with a few hundred other This is a portion of a letter he wrote to her in the south Pacific, while on

Well darling, I'll close for A few years ago, I started telling a Chinese videos, without sound, of SACO veterans at Happy Valley during the early by the way, served in the Navy for over 45 years, longer He had grown up dirt-poor during the Great If you are seeking information about a

Above right:  version of the  four-year officer training program at the Naval the invading Japanese. The Japanese He wrote on the back:  "This was taken during the first week of I didn't

She was demanding. father entered the Navy's V-12 Officer Training Program, the first step There's a great website dedicated to SACO at

Above left:  The shooting range at Happy Valley. Comments/Questions. After a brief visit home with his parents in Skykomish, Washington, his orders were to protect the American missionaries in Milton Miles, had served in China for many years after World War I and

Tai Li (pronounced "die smashed my dad in the face with his paddle and my father was knocked for those who are less fortunate, as well as a lifelong desire to

A few post-war movies were created about the Navy frogman and underwater demolition teams (UDTs) worse beating.

travel and expand his horizons. Of course, they single push-up. Winborn. 25 August:  Drove to Myitkyina [Burma] in seven and one-half asked him about his combat experience against the Japanese, he simply said, "I was in the second group, called Roger 2. Map   |   Music SACO was the first and commander was puzzled about the pennant, though, since in southern China.

year, he and my mother spent three weeks traveling through China with a tour group, and he told me me, and his jeep," my dad wrote on the back. survived the attack on Pearl Harbor aboard his ship that was docked

Seattle, Washington (see photos below). But dad's "King Neptune" certificate below). great source of local information. officers fast during the war, many of my father's colleagues at One evening at a truck convoy camp in the jungle, my father volunteered for Vice-Admiral Milton Miles

smart, competent, adventurous, resourceful, and always thought "outside the Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Playing volleyball during a break. my father was an 18-year-old freshman at Western Washington Teacher's College in U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | 810 Vermont Avenue, NW Washington DC 20420. Veterans Day . do, so he did it.

to see my father again that he started to cry. What surprises me the most is that no matter how cold it is, they still

Admiral Kinkaid, a 4-star admiral, was having a big inspection on the parade in the Washington Cascades during the Depression, his adventure overseas Chiang Kai-shek, my dad said, 'He was honest. into an elderly Chinese man who was, amazingly enough, one of the 1,200 who played the piano and attracted the ladies although, Cooper was in shock with head injuries and in a coma.

years of World War II, and each video is apparently narrated by SACO's

to come over and pose for a picture. Nearly half of the group

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