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Lieutenant Steel: Whoever steps through shall follow the same fate.

[Ethan looked up to the screen and an enraged look spread across his face.].

Nikki (Firefly): But how could something like this happen on such a scale? Shining's affections for Cadance never failed, however, even after he was sent to war. Pringles Guy coming through! Shining Armor's proficiency with combat magic and defensive spells garnered him the attention of his superiors, and upon graduation, was accepted into the Royal Guard as a corporal in the prestigious 1st Canterlot Company. Jonah Melville: Yes, I’m sure! Knight in Shining Armor is the thirty-seventh episode of E-10: Horizons.

The wall, it was talking about the Teotls… It was a warning about the inhumane lengths they’d go to make others suffer…. Shining Armor and Princess Cadance love each other very much, this much is obvious to everypony, but what nopony knows is Shining Armor wasn't always on board with the idea of dating a princess. During the war, Shining continued to harbor a love for Cadance and vowed to seek her out once he returned home. As they walked further, Heatblast’s foot pressed a trigger below. We cut to the present day where Hannibal was dressed in a suit as he was making a speech outside Granny Judith’s grave. Terence: Am I?! As a schoolmate and Twilight's foalsitter, Shining Armor spent a lot of time with Cadance, forming a close friendship with her that quickly developed into a lifelong attraction. Ethan: He wants to meet us back at Sonora's Peak immediately. He conducts his job in a very serious and professional manner that many consider well beyond his years. They were each holding a script.].

Ghoulseye floated above him as his body became covered in electricity. Hannibal: I know, it’s just… it wouldn’t be the same here without her... [The scene shifted to Ethan’s house as Ethan was showing Hannibal the guest bedroom.]. Fearing for the safety of Celestia and Luna, Shining Armor further increased the searches for the Sword while Fleethoof moved to protect Princess Cadance in Saddle Arabia.

She raised her arms up as it was surrounded in electricity.

Terence: Maybe it’s because I said I was done with you guys? [We cut to a memory flash of Maria turning over to the screen, as she made a smile on her face.

This new DC Comics version is a creation of Grant Morrison and Simone Bianchi, based on Flessel's Golden Age Shining Knight.

Hannibal and Naomi grieve over Granny Judith's death. [Nobody raised their hands. ], Omni-Splicer AmpFibian: I think it’s down…, [Its arm suddenly went up in the air and smacked AmpFibian backwards. ], [The key glowed as a bright white and red light glowed in front of them. Ethan: Yeah, I do. But then we were taken to Granny Judith’s house. In fact, we just lost Granny Judith, uh… Frankie’s Brother! Photo of Arthur for fans of Bradley James 33289939.

Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode: The origin of the skull on Terence's shirt is revealed to be his favorite band "K.R.U.S.H. Nikki: You know you can always talk to me if you want. Once Night Shade was killed by a sniper, Shining Armor began opening fire on the rest of the Sword.

He admires Cadance's passion for helping others, and she likewise is impressed by his chivalric manner. In a green light, Ethan had transformed into an Omni-Spliced Ghoulseye by accident.]. Naomi: [Deep breath] It’s just… when I was little, it was always me and Hannibal, me and Hannibal. Uh, Melville?! Ethan opened his eyes to realize the stone creature was blocking Nikki’s attacks.]. When in the field, he prefers to use an M16 similar to the one he carried during the Second Griffon-Pony War, and he wears similar ACUs and kits as other infantry.

The Forever Knight raised the piece of rubble to him and pressed the key in.

Omni-Splicer Ghoulseye, Nikki (Firefly): What?! When he returned to Equestria and became Captain of the Guard, he found Cadance had become an ambassador of Equestria. Alice: I must have told you about him at least twice, Vicky! We zoom inside as Hannibal is prepping for Naomi’s things. Hannibal sat Naomi down as he was surrounded by his exosuit.]. [Nikki groaned and allowed herself inside. Alice: And don’t you worry. I’ve got this! Following the incident with Night Shade, Shining Armor implemented a plan to retrain and reorganize the Royal Guard into a formidable fighting force once more.

[A title card appeared showing a VS screen between the two.

[Ethan slammed the door and the scene shifted to inside a classroom at Horizons. Shining Armor led his new team to Asgard without any further incident. He got hit by a truck this morning. I know Granny’s death has done a number on you.

You make one step towards it and I’ll destroy that key before you can use it. AmpFibian raised his arms and tried to levitate the stone creature while it was in mid-air.

Nikki (Firefly): Oh I get it. Hannibal: Okay, but remember, we still have to call your school! Nikki stepped out of the car. ], [We cut back to Ethan’s house where Hannibal is laying in his bedroom, depressed.

Jonah continued digging through the pile of rubble. Nikki (Firefly): Hey!

Hannibal (Narration): Nobody, not even the doctors know how she particularly died.

Everything eventually got better, we were happy. In today’s colloquium, I would like for us to express our feelings in a mannerly way.

Meanwhile, me! Maybe I can whip something to cheer him up. Lieutenant Steel: Are you reading it, or are you just guessing? We cut to the three already entering the tunnel. ], [Ethan noticed Alice was waving at him, as she was sitting at a table nearby. Lodestar flew out of the way, and raised his arms and legs. [Nikki stopped blasting and noticed it screaming and blocking itself for cover.

Do you know how tired I am, of letting people down? His spirited demeanor usually has him in a good mood, save for when something is threatening him, his loved ones, or his country. [Turns to Ethan] Just make sure nothing happens to my girl here, okay? ], [We cut to Nikki and Naomi being stuck in traffic, downtown.]. [Jonah glared at the key and walked over to Tevin and Melvin. Ethan: [Prepares the Omnitrix] Do you need Four Arms? His by the book manner of leadership is revered by the public, and many consider him the greatest Captain of the Guard of the last millennium.

I’ll go talk to her. Nikki (Firefly): Well I can’t get a hit on this thing until we get Naomi’s out of harm’s way! Until eventually her time came. Jonah Melville: I was told there was a hidden treasure all the way in some ancient tunnel. In the aftermath of the war, Shining Armor was promoted to the rank of captain and offered the prestigious title of Captain of the Guard for his intuitive cunning, his ability to lead by example, and his honor and courage in the face of danger. This new Shining Knight is also named Sir Justin (in the story, the knights of Camelot speak Welsh, so sometimes the Welsh equivalent "Ystin" is used) and has a winged horse but is much more out of place in the modern age. What’s up? If you read those rocks properly, one says annihilate, one says to destroy, and another says to control. [AmpFibian charged himself with more electricity and unleashed a shock wave, which sent the stone creature back. Professor Meechum: Yes, you there. Hannibal: Thank you. You know why? We cut to Ethan with his eyes widened. Once I heard Naomi was in danger, I knew I had to do something. Jonah Melville: We’re not just here for sightseeing. During the arrest of Dandridge Clydesdale, Fleethoof approached Shining Armor with evidence that linked Dandridge to Alaric Dawnbreaker. Naomi: But Hannibal is making me go to school! Right now, we need to get you to safety! I didn’t even know I had an Uncle! Since when did you get a super suit?

Along with the rest of the Royal Guard and Skyfall, the Sword was wiped out. Terence groaned and walked down the stairs.

Nikki: But Naomi is right. Naomi and Nikki followed him to comfort him.

Alice: No problem. Shining Armor was nearly killed during the fighting inside the citadel, however, but persevered through to the throne room.

[Hannibal hesitated as Ethan and Nikki glanced at each other. Smoke clouded the area as Nikki blocked herself for cover. Behold!

Ethan: Alice, I have to.

The crowd under the stone creature’s shadow noticed AmpFibian was trying to save them.
Ethan: Well you’re gonna have to because your sister is in danger.

Fleethoof acts almost as an opposite to Shining Armor, not afraid to step outside the lines when things need to be done and keeping Shining grounded in the reality of situations.

Ethan: Weird thinking that after having a whole Spring Break to grieve, you’d think he’d want to get out of the house by now. It says Destroy, Conqueror, Guardian, Power, To Control, Annihilate and To Save. To Shining Armor, duty comes before all else, and he has said he always felt he'd meet his end in the line of duty. Let’s leave it for tomorrow to dig this up. We cut to Ethan’s silhouette spinning around 360 degrees with his arms and legs raised out.

Honest! [Hannibal and Nikki chuckled and sat down on the couch.]. [Ethan walked to the artifact to notice a pair of arms were hanging around it.]. Shining took over one of the two leadership roles and recruited Centurion, Rook, Fire Wave, and Raptor. Nikki: Don’t you two think it’s too early in the morning to be bickering at each other?

Unlike you, I choose to face my demons.

], [The scene shifted to a mountain where three hikers in track suits were climbing up the hill. The Forever Knight raised his arm as all the rubble floated in the air, one of the rocks had a lock laying out. So quit your whining and help me dig.

Terence mentions how pissed Tezca was when he was defeated by.

Ethan looked at Alice, and she nodded. We can split the bed like we did when we were little. Shining Armor is fiercely protective of her, even from himself, refusing to tell her of the horrors he endured during the war for fear of startling her or making her worry. To be honest, I never thought I was going to have roommates again. He found another temple, and he said he’s got more Teotls information to show us. Nikki: Because Hannibal doesn’t have to go, you do. Ethan: Reading it. [The stone creature suddenly raised their fist down to the group and Ethan and the other agents jumped out of the way. However, Celestia had not been the target, but Cadance.

This surprised the other agents and Zerox turned around.]. [The whole cafeteria stood looking at Terence. Ethan’s eyes widened then he shut them as he braced himself for impact.

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