small popper lures

The Charter Grade Poppers feature multiple rattle chambers for extra sound and vibration. They offer a wide assortment of colors. Color Variations – Color is an important buying factor because it will impact your success.

from hard scrapping little bluefin trevally like this one, to….

The mouth either spits or chugs, and both of these create a loud noise when they hit the water and when you retrieve them.

Not hugely strong but certainly very sharp, they do the job well enough for me, I have not lost any fish due to hooks straightening on any of these lures. Even if you have to pay an extra buck or two, you know you’re getting the highest quality lures. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

When it’s a cooler, overcast day – you need to slow it down. The popper will spit and chug as you do this at a natural pace. We did not anticipate such a huge response to our episode of MN Bound! – The main feature that makes this lure tick is the design of its mouth.

One grizzle perhaps would be that the eye is a tad small, it is hard to use these lures (this actually applies to all these poppers to tell the truth) with Genie clips, something I love using as you can quickly snap from one lure to another without having to cut and re-tie your traces every time. ( Log Out /  Features an extra-strong and sharp treble hook to make it easier to set the hook, The hula popper creates a loud popping sound when it hits the water, and it bubbles as you retrieve, Locate some grass beds and cast this right in there because it’s meant to imitate a jumping frog, The double cupped lip creates an extremely loud presentation when it hits the water, This lure is small, so it’s great for casting large distances.
They cast well, and are suited to 20lb braid fishing very well. Now we have poppers of all different shapes and sizes that work better than ever before. First of these is the Strike Pro Super Pop-R. a 13cm, 39gm lure, it has a good selection of colours, the standard red/white, blue silver and green yellow patterns, and takes fish regularly. You’ve got a large assortment of bass fishing lures that claim to be poppers, but overall, we’re sticking to two main types.
You can play it safe and follow a steady retrieval. Weighing 3/4oz and 1 5/8oz they are a dream to cast on inshore tackle. Our top pick above is a perfect example of a high-quality spitter. Makes ya go “Hmmmm”.

The hardware is very good, have had no issues with split rings or hooks failing, something you have to watch, especially with these smaller lures. Concave Mouth – The main feature that makes this lure tick is the design of its mouth. Just a few spare Wideglides in my Man Cave…well, when I say “a few”, I mean like forty or so.

It’s a no-brainer that the Rebel Pop-R is the best topwater popper for bass fishing. For this, I suggest getting a lure with a little red on it.

As you pull them in, they almost shroud themselves in bubbles, and when they pop, that’s when you get the loud noise you’re looking for. When it’s hot, and the sun is still beaming down at 9 pm, you can afford to pick up the pace a little.

As a result, these lures don’t create that bubble shroud and trail; instead, they spit the water back out somewhat like a water wheel. A very good little lure. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s won hundreds of thousands of dollars in tournament money for many professional anglers.

Fishing for saltwater fish really kills lures that are not built extra strong, and as many lures are made for the freshwater market….and frankly fresh water fish are sissies, often smaller lures will just pull apart of a normal saltwater fish. The topwater nature of these make them a great lure for smallmouth bass but certain options like the spook also dive a little so they work well for largemouth bass too. Please check out one of the shops that sell our lures below, often they have lures when we do not! Feel free to continue ordering the lures we do still have in stock and back ordering  items, knowing there is a 7-10 day delay. I find this lure to have too many size variations where some are jointed, and some aren’t, it makes it confusing.

WoW!!! Don’t get confused by this lure. The internet has given us the opportunity to do just that and best of all, still be able to share it for free! They’re one of the simplest lures to fish, which makes them great for, While there isn’t a “wrong” time to fish poppers, any self-respecting bass angler would tell you that. However, their shape and swimming action does remedy this to a high degree, as these are very slow action lures, they really are a “twitch-an-wind” lure, you work the lure really quite slowly twitching the rod tip, pausing and taking up the slack, then twitching again.

This is because you need to be able to set the hook when a bass comes at you from a variety of different directions.

….but Damn, those colours….this black one I had to spice up just a little…black and gold, the classic “toby” colours popular for trout lures in New Zealand, worked on this trevally. Tail-down design improves the presentation.

Nowadays, personally, I must say I get possibly even more fun out of prowling inner lagoon bommies and reef edges, looking for a wider range of fish….and frankly, better eating fish, than sticking to surf breaks on reef points targeting giant fish such as big GTs.

The main difference between these two is in the shape of their mouth. Hey, don’t get me wrong, the finish on the lures is unmatched, they have a deep, textured and epoxied finish on them that really does show off beautifully the totally unimpressive colours they use. The Strike-Pro Super Pop-R, a fun lighter tackle lure. That makes this one of the best poppers for striped bass as well. Comes with a wide range of colors and sizes, Incredibly lifelike appearance meant to mimic an injured shad or minnow, Deep cupped mouth with extended top lip spits water as you retrieve it. most of the time they will shoot out pretty well, but probably a quarter of the time they tumble thru the air, dropping their cast distance a bit, which is a pain. We are working hard to fill this website back up with one of a kind lures and our classic best selling patterns! The bass will think your lure is injured, and they’ll be more likely to strike it. Thank you for all the support and interest in our small batch bait company! Maybe next time…. When it’s dark, bass can’t see the lure as well, so they rely on what they hear.

The last of the surface lures I want to talk about is not a popper, but a stick bait of sorts. We have almost completely sold out of our stocked lures and are backed up with back orders! The best bass poppers aren’t hard to find because so many of the most popular lure brands make a ton of them. Trolling For Bass: Does it Work?

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