staffing in management

The steps involved could be practical tests, interviews, theory tests, etc, all depending on the time, convenience, and policy of a company. Compensation may also include bonuses and the like depending upon the performance of the employee. Personnel Department is created to … Your email address will not be published. The process of staffing also involves appraising the work done by the employees and rewarding the employees for their hard work. 0 Comment. Induction means to orientate the newly appointed employee to his job in particular and to the whole organization in general. The right people can take your business to the top and wrong can break your business. It involves the process of improving the skill of the employee to allow him to discharge the functions now and also in developing his overall ability to facilitate him to discharge more complicated functions in the future. Staffing is the pervasive function of management. The training provided by the business helps in boosting the confidence level of the employees and is usually provided in order to teach them efficient ways of discharging their functions. Also, promotions should be well thought through and in the direction of a long-term vision of the organization. Staffing as a process ensures that only the right amount of people are staffed in the business and are functioning in it. Following is a brief discussion over important steps of staffing: (1) Manpower Planning. When the employees understand that the business is willing to take such an effort for improving their skills for now and for the future, they will be motivated in working harder for the business. Selection as a distinct process involves sifting through the recruits to understand who can do the job better. However, development is concerned with improving the faculties and abilities of the employee in such a manner so as to allow him to discharge more complicated functions in the future. Resources are scarce in today’s world and all the resources including human resources need to be optimally utilized. Thus staffing function must be performed efficiently by all organisations. “Recruitment”, according to Edwin B. Flippo, “is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.” This implies that recruitment examines the different sources of manpower supply, assesses their suitability, chooses the proper source or sources and invites applications from the prospective candidate for different jobs in the enterprises. Promotion is the elevation of rank and status of an employee. In my engineering company, it would be understanding how well the CEO, I selected is running the company. The requirement of a business is met by a simple yet intricate function known as Staffing. When some innovations have emerged and it is though worthwhile to use new techniques for doing a job. Placement is the actual posting of an employee to a particular job. 7. ManagementStudyHQ . It is the duty of every manager to perform the staffing activities such as selection, training, performance appraisal and counseling of employees. How to Paraphrase to Create Plagiarism-Free Essays? Training is more concerned with making the employee what he does now. Recruiting nowadays is a combination of selection and recruiting. Staffing function is the responsibility of all the managers working in all capacities and in all departments of the business. He is actively associated with recruitment, selection, training and appraisal of his subordinates. The staffing function starts with the manpower planning. Thus staffing involves preparing for the future as well as allowing for the achievement of business goals now. Management Principles. Staffing as a process is not just about finding a person for the job, it is about finding the right person for the job. Training and Development are two different concepts. Proper staffing provides the following benefits to the organisation. Therefore staffing is the most fundamental and critical driver of organisational performance. Is Homeschooling Hard? Importance of Staffing: 1. Beach has defined it as “a process of determining and assuring that the organization will have an adequate number of qualified persons, at the proper times, performing jobs which meet the needs of the enterprise and which provide satisfaction for the individuals involved.”. For instance, helping an accountant to be a better accountant. Staffing means manning of an organization. It in an integral part of management process. Human resources are managed through a system of staffing functions, which should be fair, dynamic, and efficient in order to sustain in the long-term. 8. Sources of Recruitment: Internal and External, Factors Affecting Human Resource Planning. Manpower planning is also known as Human Resource Planning. This process of filling the various post is termed as. Do Parents Get Paid for Homeschooling? Without the requisite human involvement working in a motivated fashion for the betterment and benefit of the business organization, the business will always be far from success. It is distinct from the mere change of position of an employee and requires the two mentioned elements. The staffing function is an increasingly important function of management, although it is sometimes left out when the core functions are discussed. The total amount and nature of compensation depend upon the nature of the work and the position of the employee. Ensure him that he will get full support for the constructive purposes. As always every step starts off with the process of planning and identifying what is required. If staffing is unable to put a competent person in that position these resources could be wastefully used costing the business and also the world a lot. Staffing. On the other hand, there are jobs which require constant training. Human resources are the foundation of any business. For instance, if I am making an Engineering company, I would want someone who has prior management experience and a great understanding of the discipline to be the CEO, so the qualification could be the person being a veteran or a person with dual MBA and Engineering degree. If the right kind of employees is not available, it will lead to wastage of materials, time, effort and energy, results in lower productivity and poor quality of the product. Your email address will not be published. It provides an opportunity to build a higher performance team (or goal-oriented team). Your email address will not be published. What Happens When You Don’t Use An Employee Handbook Software? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Placement taken place along with induction. It is believed that an organisation can achieve its goal only when it has the right person in the right position. The success of all these managerial functions depends on the workforce which is organized by staffing function. Staffing is a basic function of management. The implied that specific position or rank is assigned at that stage. Following is a brief discussion over important steps of staffing: Manpower planning or in simple terms estimation of workforce requirement is the first step in the process of staffing. Development enables the managers to acquire and strengthen their administrative competencies. Required fields are marked *. Staffing Process in Management. All Rights Reserved . The purpose of induction or orientation of the newly appointed employee should be to: In the narrow sense, training and development lie outside the purview of staffing, but some authors prefer to include it in the steps of staffing. In my company, it would be about pitching the veteran against the dual degree holder in a practical test environment probably a crisis simulation, and deciding who does better. It can be seen closely related to organizing, with both focused on ensuring the resources are directed to the right processes and tasks. Staffing function is amongst the most critical managerial function along with planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. The staffing also ensures that the right kind of people is to be placed at the right job. Once the positions are determined and the qualifications outlined there arises the need to identify people meeting the conditions. This is hastened by giving orientations to make the employee step into his position comfortably and with complete commitment and awareness. This step involves outlining the various positions of the organization and determining what category of people will be suitable for it. Required fields are marked *. I am a mother of a lovely kid, and an avid fan technology, computing and management related topics. The second step in the staffing process in management is recruitment. What Qualifications Do You Need to Homeschool Your Child? After completing my post graduation I thought to start a website where I can share management related concepts with rest of the people.

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