tank 432 review

The actors are trying so hard to make the best of a terrible script and the forced visuals hover somewhere between 1 to 0 dimensional.

The film started off mysteriously, asking the viewer to draw their own plot lines with weak special effects and oddball performances. None of the characters are remotely likable. And to top it off, I don't care! User Ratings (They are the same person, go figure.) Then they got locked in the tank & that was the gist of it.

It never explained anything. They are either jerks, poorly-written, or bland as hell. Reviews. This British thriller is a high-concept tease that slogs its way through a morass of barely differentiated characters and visuals before reaching an unsatisfying conclusion. I really would like to say an actor gave a good performance, the score was great, the location was attractive....but there is just no reason to pay to go see this.Its in English and it is 88 minutes long.Its British and had a minimal budget. The acting was "there", the dialogue was non-existent without using the f-word. Who needs an enemy when you start believing your friends are out to get you? Tank 432 - ahhh, where do I begin with you? From the beginning, I asked myself "Why did (character) do/say that?" These soldiers who once prided themselves on camaraderie with a “leave no man behind” attitude suddenly become selfish and opportunistic.

We don’t see what’s chasing them, only fear and the after-effects of their enemy’s power.
It’s a doozy too—all mood, atmosphere, and mystery with our own confusion about the action mirrored in those onscreen. I went in with good expectations. When he sleeps he sees flashes of events—memories of incidents we’ve already experienced as nightmare amongst the loud soundscapes and serene landscapes sped-up to disorient us. Are they future? Hard choices are made, good men left behind, and this wide-open expanse of nature—growing smaller as each enemy combatant (Alien? ', at first I thought the film was operating within some realm of higher concept that was beyond the limit of my intelligence - but really it was just clunky and confusing.

Escape is the group’s number one priority and they search for a means to do so.

I did. I'm so sick of finding movies on Netflix that are rated 4 stars or more, and in reality, are nothing higher than zero. Awards Jared Mobarak is a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic for The Film Stage, Art Director for Buffalo, NY film series Cultivate Cinema Circle, and member of OFCS and GWNYFCA. He also strips away the popcorn action sheen of their Hollywood underpinnings, utilizing a cerebral sense of intuition and military hierarchy instead.

To be fair, its surreal story aspects are necessary to the plot, but I don't think that redeems the movie much.

This is the worst movie I've seen in years. - Most of the story makes no sense and very little of substance seems to happen. The more distinct dramatis personae include Capper (Michael Smiley), whose leg is injured and is quickly abandoned; Smith (Gordon Kennedy), who barks orders at everyone and takes notes in a mysterious book; Karlsson (Deirdre Mullins), a medic; and a pair of hostages dressed like prisoners at Abu Ghraib. It starts fine, but accumulates mysteries, stacking one atop another, for 80 minutes and answers almost none of them. There’s no handholding involved or a desire to leave us breadcrumbs in order to decipher the bigger picture. I'm unsure of what else to say other than next time focus on story and dialogue and don't throw the budget at props, costumes and smoke machines as if that's all that really matters and will mask how poor everything else is. Mostly though, I blame IMDb for taking away the comment section and saving me from 90 minutes of cinematic purgatory. | Nothing is real and everything is horrible: that seems to be the message.

Never explained. Source: Taugrim. My reviews will not be bashing or telling you whats bad . Not just a somewhat poor plot, but no real plot at all. This movie was so bad that I had to create an IMDb account just to serve my discontent. Kill List, Sightseers) I was hopeful of an entertaining story. This film is extraordinary in the way it manages to take probably one of my favorite horror/thriller tropes, an unresolved mystery with an unexplained ending open to interpretation, and somehow manage to make it boring. - Almost all of the acting is really poor. Do your self a huge favor and skip right over this one, or go into Netflix watch a couple of minutes of it, or let it run while you are taking a bathroom break, and then come back stop it and rate it with the lowest setting Netflix has to offer, and that is not nearly low enough, but it will help people AKA future victims that look at the ratings to just skip over this tanked turd, and not waste over an hour of their life on such crap.

Something barely logical happens to people we can not relate to in a situation so contrived it borders on a Sesame Street cartoon only to be resolved by an ending so preposterous that only a cinematic sadist could enjoy it and nothing is resolved.

There’s not, or at least not in the way I imagined, because Gillespie seems keenly aware of the usual tropes his visuals predict and makes sure he travels in another direction (no matter how subtle the difference) instead. I'm not some cinema snob who enjoys pontificating over this or that nugget of art in a film.

Extract their prisoners, survive the war, and write everything down.

It's the script that is the culprit and it almost seems like the screenwriter ran out of ideas or time or something. 88 minutes wasted I'll never get back :^(, *Spoilers* Believe us, don't waste your time.

Headless corpses are discovered, a broken-down Jeep proves worthless, and a wild survivor of whatever went down is found in a shipping container amidst crazed drawings as a fit of seizure takes hold (Alex Rose March). Perhaps it was my own fault for watching 'Darkest Day' about a month previous and expecting something different, nothing was - except the acting which was immensely improved but pi**ed away by the tired old plot. Low budget does not mean to throw non-watchable motion pictures at our faces! I was not. Review: In ‘Tank 432,’ on the Run, but Stuck in a Morass.

Capper (Michael Smiley) is in excruciating pain, his leg ripped open to the bone.

I still have no idea what was going on, or why. "Tank 432" (2015) is alternately boring and confusing. The second night is different, though. I just wonder who has created that movie, what for and most of all how did he convinced anyone to act in it? Only when one of those hostages (April Pearson‘s Annabella) asks Reeves what it is they’re running from do we begin to wonder about the validity of everything that we’ve seen. Gantz (Steve Garry) is Mr. Army with gun raised, chortling in response to the “rookies” surrounding him with weak stomachs; Karlsson (Deirdre Mullins) does her best as medic to calm everyone down and reclaim a sense of order; and Smith holds tight to his hooded captives clad in orange jumpsuits. There ya' go. It is full of mistakes, and/or at least things/events that simply cannot happen, and Im sure the producer was aware of it and didn't even care, and the producer should be banned from ever making another movie, and should seek therapy. 9. Evans (Tom Meeten) is losing his mind with guilt as though he’s the reason chaos has begun raining down upon their heads. Pure crap! Obviously, a low budget, but that a bad film does not make.

A third party looms outside both with a distinct lack of sympathy to either. If the budget of 1 million is true, it was wasted. In this case, that rating has to be false as no viewer with half a brain would rate it more than a 1, if that? Please do not waste your time on this movie, it will only leave you angry. Tank 432 (Review) There’s no turning back. appears out of nowhere—is soon replaced by the tight quarters of an abandoned tank. [Fantasia Review] Tank 432. Barely a psychological thriller really. | There’s a good side and bad yet neither knows why. Peace disintegrates as violent tempers increase and the truth pushes them against each other, this war transforming into an internal battle of futility. FYI the DVD cover is very misleading as it almost looks like the film was made by someone else rather than the person who actually did it. The plot, deliberately kept vague, either to disguise its true nature or a lack of imagination, concerns a band of people in combat gear who are on the run. Close quarters have made great fodder for suspense and allegory in films like Samuel Maoz’s “Lebanon” (also set in a tank) and Hitchcock’s “Lifeboat.” But “Tank 432,” executive-produced by Ben Wheatley, the director of “Kill List” and “Sightseers,” has little on its mind beyond empty shock value. I have no problem with the actual visual quality of the film or any of the special effects. The "F" word was used more than anything else. Avoid this at all cost. I never saw a movie in which all characters keep swearing all the time using this word in almost each sentence they utter! I review the LT-432, a tier 8 Russian premium light tank in World of Tanks (WoT), with replays of tier 10 Overlord and tier 9 Cliff battles.. He spends three-quarters of his run-time setting up the insecurity at play, pretending his characters know everything before alluding to the fact only some do before finally exposing the complete ignorance of all. Unbelievable characters with no background or depth, ridiculous plot, unexplained events, motives, actions, doped girl that just wakes up to scream and is put to sleep all the time and stupid end and the list of absurdities go on and on and on, let alone that 80% of the dialogue is the F word! | Worst movie I have ever seen by far! This movie is so awful that I felt compelled to open an IMDb account just to send this warning. Sanity fractures into chaos—life becomes death and from death comes life.

Jared Mobarak July 24, 2016.

But I suppose APC 432 doesn't sound as scary. It is half suggested by the end of the film that this is about a group of soldiers and civilians being used as guinea pigs for an orange powder super soldier drug called Kratos that heals injuries in some people and just kills others but sends everyone mad.
The possibilities are endless.

Tank 432 - ahhh, where do I begin with you? But I suppose APC 432 doesn't sound as scary. 1.0 / 10.

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