thappad review

He is a guy who is kind to the household help, but thinks nothing of ordering his wife around like a junior at work. Nethra suggests that Amrita should solve this issue amicably. FAQ Because the audience here is more in love with propaganda than actually the … Ratna Pathak Shah is quite subtle and makes an impact. It does stumble occasionally though. . Such as the recognition of a fact rarely recognised by a society obsessed with marriage and coupledom: that it is okay to be on your own. Anubhav Sushila Sinha and Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul's screenplay (script consultant: Anjum Rajabali) helps a lot in ensuring that the audiences get persuaded to agree with the vision of the team. He looks dashing and completely suits the part. It happens. Jyotika Mirpuri Aroura's make-up and hair is appropriate. Rating SPEAKS louder than movie itself!!! She has left those dreams behind, just like a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law ought, being content with creating a morning slot of her own–a cup of black tea infused with herbs, and a deep breath at the morning outside– before the day is upon her, with all its demands. She is such a brilliant performer. Vishakha Vidya Kullarwar's costumes are appealing, especially the saree worn by Taapsee in the party.

A fine actor, Gulati is up to the task. He does not have horns on his head, he is just another entitled jerk who is blinded by his male privilege. With Article 15, last year Anubhav Sinha already set a landmark of Bollywood films but 'Thappad' is even better with fewer cliches.

Thappad beautifully spotlights various shades of men, from the haughty hero to another far more likeable person who is astonished to discover that he – like so many men around us – is a feminist for his daughter but unconsciously patriarchal with his wife.

gets simplistic in a debate on this matter in the film. Amrita knows how much this means to Vikram. A section of audience might find the entire bit of Vikram not apologizing to Amrita difficult to digest. Writer-director Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad (Slap), which he co-wrote with Mrunmayee Lagoo Waikul, features Pannu as a stay-at-home wife whose feelings for her husband turn from devotion to indifference when he strikes her one day. All of my family appreciated the movie as well as our co-audience.

Like a bucket of ice being hurled on a sleeping human, or thunder that could end any reverie. Every dialogues are meaningful. The lawyer's role was weak in acting. She gets completely into the skin of character, making viewers forget of her earlier performances. Must watch for all. The script particularly shines in the characterisation of Vikram. While he labours over office assignments, she labours over his every need, serving him meals, chasing him up to the car with his wallet and a beverage while feeding him his unfinished breakfast, caring for his elderly mother, maintaining the house, entertaining guests. Everyone else was phenomenal.

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