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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying Thirteen Days Viewing Guide. %PDF-1.3 ��a�M�����R��:�>�m��Tcx�&��#xyi Sign-up to get informed when the The Last Days series has new game released with BD Studio Games' FREE bi-weekly newsletter. ��a-zW����^g�ft;��%̜T�RG60췍�?8�՚.��h~i��LQM\��Z���ˌ]h� ���_������H�@���}��N��z�5N�d�1�Y�3��)J��KX�>�>���$\$I��{�Ja��p���dIPh��y�}p��5@�x�ܨ��;�7���FĞN���>O The Last Days Collector's Edition Walkthrough, Wanderlust: The Bermuda Secret Collector's Edition Free Download, Fantasy Mosaics 43: Haunted Forest Free Download, Baking Bustle Collector's Edition Free Download, Arabian Treasures: Midnight Match Free Download, Dark City: Budapest Collector's Edition Free Download, Halloween Chronicles: Cursed Family Collector's Edition Free Download, Stranded Dreamscapes: The Prisoner Walkthrough, Stranded Dreamscapes: The Prisoner Collector's Edition Walkthrough. Pre-Viewing Activities: As noted, this film’s primary focus is on the last six days of Sophie’s life. Here we see six survivors of the Holocaust, as well as one Nazi, Doctor Münch, give their accounts of events. What is the recommendation of the committee? What are the three things President Kennedy informs the nation about in his speech? It might be the entire verse, but usually the question is well answered in a single phrase. Why does O'Donnell tell the navy to not get shot down over Cuba? What message is passed to Khrushchev through Aleksandr Fomin? Answers.Guide is your personal answers search engine where you can explore results to help you find answers. What did the ships do at the last minute? What is happening in Cuba that concerns the US? x�[ے��}�Wt�Z�č�Y��K��MT��J���,��D��?�[*)�O3sN���Q�J�3=}=���,_�ϒ�ٲ���u�Z�j�.���T���׹�x-�����Ȋ���߬��^m6K)�Y]-E�����Jn�Ƿ�C�E]��B)�YU(���]�2���RN�z�! aK�|���U5�Oª���K����7Ɏ� _�k��E �i��� ������0��@ (2 issues). Over 150 screenshots, 600 detailed steps. Click the button to download full walkthrough. �!I�tG������WO�Έ4$��t�=���?gQ��r��c�y�����â;Dc�- What is the main concern about bombing Cuba? Had they stopped 6 months before the end of the world and dedicated that energy Give at least two reasons to support your answer. An invasion and destruction of the missiles. THE LAST DAYS: A documentary by Steve Spielberg (Transcript) Bill Basch: There is one thing that has puzzled me and has puzzled the world: that the Germans dedicated manpower and trains and trucks and energy towards the destruction of the Jews to the last day. Join our beta game test program and play the new beta games, give us your feedback after your play those games. Subscribe BDStudioGames' FREE bi-weekly email newsletter and get the full version of, Enter your email address below and subscribe our bi-weekly new game's alert newsletter, you'll get the full version of. answers. +BtI��`ϸ��>"J���Vl�1���b��%�||Q�`��l�xl�� �)��XH�x�}�}����zJ�4?��2)�������E��͐�� ���Z �q� XB'�5�f�g]&��~�b�9����Vl��]L�Yi�4]�� �D~���v O�AG� �Gc^z�ɰށ���W ����= ÆnИ>!Y3��qq�,�����M���z)^�>��_���Vt�RKt'����EV���VE�{��rarԍ��������=����=m;�:be'O�\[nn���a�4Ԯ�p�y�/rK��_�F2!���L_m�`W� g����~�э�_��6?��v�l��T�B�8��]�m��qX݌�2Sn��\�|1bsi\:i��;��;�*e���s����w�!Y�OQ3��Z��#�Z��@�6�P������3�x�23��1�-ʥIg�Y0kK/. %��������� By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Testimony is an extremely valuable source of information for both the historian and the film maker. Thus, this film does not provide a great deal of historical narrative about events … What is the plan for the approaching Soviet ships? Who bears responsibility for the Cuban Missile Crisis? Why is the press secretary not informed about the missiles? Why did the administration feel good about the message? Copy the necessary portion of the verse on the line provided. Use this walkthrough as a strategy guide when you play the game. What does the representative from the Soviet government say to Kennedy about Soviet military action in Cuba? The Last Days Walkthrough. What is the crazy idea Bob McNamara proposes in EXCOM? What was traveling with the Russian ships? << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Why is the action a "quarantine" not a "blockade"? �U@�Nu�2��٦�!�Lo���\ek���S��,_��s��ME=R(I�6?�ʣ�kՋ{��*q׻Y�UV� They may not know about all of the missiles. Back to search What did Adlai Stevenson have to do at the United Nations? What is President Kennedy's reservation about the consequences of military action? Follow our crystal clear walkthrough and helpful tricks to get you through the rough spots! What could have been disastrous for the negotiations? Consider the oral testimony that we were presented with in the film The Last Days. Receive Emails When The Last Days Series Has New Game Released. This teacher’s guide has been designed to promote the educational merit of this film. 4 0 obj So that he will not be obligated to tell the press about the missiles. '2�Ir����s�T�lY����I��&���jQ���L�l�X����,�N���+�E���������rI˕T�>�����Z"���䟅W�G|r����a��c��WRH���tO^�l}��{ԸGo�Dil�}޹���O�?��Y��[7�����ԏ9���r���?�{O�?�+��r��w�sCW�:�Z���88�b�+p�sj��z�^��+� �����U�=KoU���n� �J�5��*�����/� Why did the Soviets blame the United States for bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war? The line is enclosed in quotation marks to indicate that you are quoting Scripture. stream Why does President Kennedy need a vote of support from the Organization of American States? We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyse site traffic, personalise content, and server targeted ads. look for the answer. What is the joint chief's recommendation? How does the administration feel about the military's plan for action? ��;�ptt�D@��M�� How does Kennedy get the editor of the New York Times to hold the story?

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