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(I guess we're not supposed to wonder why straight folks are so thoroughly disdained in the world of Zanna when they're presumably the ones responsible for procreating all of these gay people. Club members can see a different show every night of the week. A Rebooted Quantum Football Fable at The Bridewell Theatre during Pride celebrations in … [[I Can'tBelieveAGuyLikeYouWouldNoticeMe! Zanna - The magical matchmaker himself, Zanna has devoted his life to creating couples, while ignoring his own lovelife. home * add a production * awards about/help follow us AboutTheArtists log in or register; my account; log out; The Production History of the World Every Theatre Credit Ever. A Musical Fairy Tale: Musical with book. [[Intelligence Equals Isolation]]: A self-imposed case; she's been so focused on schoolwork that she doesn't have time for love. Stay abreast of discount offers for great theater, on Broadway or in select cities. Wide-Eyed Idealist : Zanna's worldview seems to be based on a combination of fairytale logic and The Power of Love. The good news is that the book has been improved markedly; it's funnier now and the internal logic of the show is more consistent, though a lot of it still doesn't make sense. characters breakdowns including full descriptions with standard casting requirements and expert analysis. If they do, Zanna, Don't! Returning to London for a European Premiere just in time for Pride in London and a strictly limited run! Kate and Steve realise they have feelings for each other, a fact they try quickly to forget, as their town is extremely heterophobic. Buck - Candi's friend, his opinions are overshadowed by her own ideas. Unless otherwise noted, each character is a student at Heartsville High. Their play includes the song "Be A Man," touting the impressive homosexual leaders of history (including Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander the Great, and the ancient Spartans), and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," an overly dramatic ballad about a heterosexual couple forced to hide their love from the Army. Homosexual Life Partners: With Buck. Take a trip back to Heartville and see the European Premiere of the new Zanna, Don’t! Complimentary and Deeply Discounted Shows. As a result, Steve has spent much of his life moving around and never making deep connections, but Zanna is sure he'll find a place in Heartsville. Well, the score of Zanna, Don't! Steve promises to exchange varsity rings with Mike after the match, while Kate puts all her effort into being a perfect girlfriend to Roberta. had a developmental run Off-Broadway at the Rodney Kirk Theatre from October 17, 2002, to November 3, 2002. The next day, the kids decides to create a musical addressing the controversy over heterosexuals in the military. Kate and Steve's perplexing behaviour leads Mike and Roberta playfully to suggest to each other "Don't You Wish We Could Be In Love? [8] The Zanna, Don't! Unless otherwise noted, each character is a student at Heartsville High. Homonormative Crusader: Approves of the school board's decision to ban straight couples at the prom. We do, of course, reserve the right to remove or edit any content we deem not appropriate for the vast majority of our users. Sometime, Do You Think We Could Fall in Love? that are almost diametrically opposed to those expressed above, click on the following links to access Peter Filichia's column of February 15, 2002 and David Finkle's review of October 18, 2002.]. Hopefully the characters and story have deepened without losing their innocence, playfulness, or ramshackle charm.” Take a trip back to Heartville and see the European Premiere of the new Zanna, Don’t! It was to get a run on Broadway, but talk of that has largely tapered off. Zanna's spell is a success, in a way. Zanna, pleased with his success, settles down for the night, singing "Zanna's Song" as he says goodnight to his magic wand and goodbye to his feathered friend Cindy, who migrates to Fort Lauderdale. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Everyone rejects them after they accidentally kiss at Mike's chess tournament, permanently flips their world into ours, making heterosexuality the norm and costing Zanna his magical powers and his two best friends in the world. Their love blooms quickly ("I Think We Got Love"). at the Old Marquer Theatre. Deciding that nothing done for love can ever hurt, Zanna performs the spell ("'Tis a Far, Far Better Thing I Do/Blow Winds"). In parentheses are the actors who portrayed the role in the original Off-Broadway cast. Zanna, Don't! Good, gay fun with many laughs and a great score well sung. After workshops with Avenue Q star John Tartaglia, revamping of the script and score, the run was postponed. The musical is set in Heartsville, U.S.A, once upon a time. he exclaims. The students, overhearing this song, realize that they were mistaken in abandoning their friend, singing a reprise of "Straight to Heaven" with "straight" replaced with "right." Another problem is that even the show's better songs have little or nothing to do with the plot. The Los Angeles production of Zanna, Don't! e.g. Mike, Steve, Kate, and Roberta are devastated. This is an alternate, fairy tale America, where the majority of the world is homosexual, with heterosexuals subject to heterophobia. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kate and Steve run into classmates Candi and Buck, who have suddenly distanced themselves from the heterosexual couple. But in the resulting celebration, Kate and Steve kiss, throwing the town into chaos. Acito's Playbill bio informs us that he "just received his M.F.A. Zanna, Don't! Mike, Steve, Kate, and Roberta are devastated ("Do You Know What It's Like?"). Steve, scared and confused runs from Mike, who describes Steve's unpredictable behaviour. his friends cruelly mock and ostracize him. "A full length musical? As we take our seats in the John Houseman Theater, where Zanna is now playing after an Off-Off-Broadway run at the Kirk nearby on West 42nd Street, the legend "Once upon a time" hangs over our heads.

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